Release Date and More! Reality Quest Chapter 54: Dawn And The World Gang!

Release Date and More! Reality Quest Chapter 54: Dawn And The World Gang! ...

Reality Quest Chapter 54 will bet on the destruction of the World Gang. Dawn received information from a new group in the previous chapter. It was the World gang that used axes to defeat their opponents. He will not be spared for the second time.

The World Gang's End is Coming to an End. Seshee will not tolerate the injuries to his grandmother. Moreover, the world gang members are illegally asking for money from his grandmother and him. So there will be much more violence as Seshee will also participate with Dawn in the meeting. Moreover, the board members from the meeting might also join them!

What Will Happen In It?Reality Quest Chapter 54: What Will Happen In It?

In Reality Quest Chapter 54, World Gang's future looks bleak. Moreover, they might be on the verge of becoming Dawn's killers. However, the horrific crime that they committed against Seshee's grandmother was unacceptable. Moreover, they were illegally soliciting money, which falls under the category of a misdemeanor.

The World Gang members aren't naive individuals. They're capable of defeating two people at a time. Dawn had to flee that place when the member took out an axe to fight Dawn. The new quest is to complete the gang for all.

A Look At The Previous Chapter!

Dawn was defending a club brat who was retaliating with a schoolgirl in his 53rd chapter of Reality Quest. All of his companions stepped forward to protect him. However, one of them became a World Gang member and took out an axe to fight Dawn.

Dawn took the chance and fled the scene with the girl. However, Dawn could not recall the name of that girl when he was returning home. That girl warned him in a seductive manner that she would defeat Dawn if he does not remember her name next time.

Release Date for Reality Quest Chapter 54

The final chapter of Reality Quest will be released to the public on September 26, 2022. However, there is still no assurance that the manhwa will be released on time. It is possible that the manhwa may be delayed in the future. Check out more articles from our page!

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