Three drill Rappers are removed from the NewYork Play Festival by the NYPD

Three drill Rappers are removed from the NewYork Play Festival by the NYPD ...

At least three NYC drill rappers have been removed from the roster of Rolling Loud New York.

The Queens' largest festival will begin on Friday (September 23), but Sha Ek, 22Gz, and Ron Suno won't be there to watch the event at Citi Field, according to The New York Times.

The NYPD's decision echoes their 2019 Rolling Loud decision to omit 22Gz and Pop Smoke from the festival lineup. The NYPD cited their links to "current acts of violence throughout the city."

According to a deputy NY police chief in 2019, if these individuals are allowed to perform, there will be a higher risk of violence.

Stanley Davis, also known as Noodles, a manager for Sha Ek, spoke out against the police's decision to remove his artist from the lineup, stating that he hasn't broken any laws or committed any crime.

Davis noted that the police try to interpret what he is doing as violence and negativity. “They don't understand that he is an artist and entertainer who is striving to become better at 19 years old.”

Sha Ek tweeted in response to the NYPD's decision, saying he still loves Rolling Loud despite the circumstances. 'Still got love for Rolling Loud,' he said.

The quick last-minute actions against the three influential drill artists echoed Mayor Eric Adams' views on the NYC Hip-Hop subgenre in February 2022. Adams said the genre is alarming due to its prominence of guns and violence, links to gang affiliations, and needs to be addressed.

Adams said, "We pulled Trump off Twitter." "Yet we are allowing music, displaying of guns, and violence. We're allowing it to stay on these sites."

“I had no clue what drill rapping was,” the NYC Mayor said. “But I called my son, and he sent me some videos, and it is concerning. We are going to call together the social media companies and meet with them to demonstrate your civic and corporate responsibility.”

Adams, 62, met with a group of NY rappers to discuss ways to lessen gun violence in the city. Artists like Fivio Foreign and B-Lovee met with the city leader to hear him out during the meeting. The aforementioned artists are still scheduled to perform and perform at Rolling Loud NYC in Queens.

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