Is Season 2 of La Brea coming to an end in September 2022?

Is Season 2 of La Brea coming to an end in September 2022? ...

When will Season 2 of La Brea on NBC air? Here's what we've learned thus far.

La Brea is a science fiction drama television series that premiered on NBC and was created and executive produced by David Appelbaum. Since the first season, fans have been speculating whether or not the program will return to NBC this year.

Many major television networks have announced new series and films for the 2022 season, and we have some great news for fans! La Brea is a series that will premiere in September 2022. If you want to know more about this series' plot and cast, click here.

The network has officially announced that the series would continue this year as it is the second season of the show, which will begin on September 27, 2022, on Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

The series' official Twitter handle also stated the trailer's official release date, saying, "Fall deeper into the #LaBrea sinkhole." Season 2 will launch on September 27 on NBC and is streaming on @Peacock.

After a massive sinkhole opens in Los Angeles, La Brea follows an epic family adventure, dragging people and buildings into a mysterious and dangerous primeval land where they have no choice but to unite in order to survive.

Eve (Natalie Zea) is reeling from her son, Josh (Jack Martin), having mistakenly gone through a portal to 1988. What she doesn't know yet is that Gavin (Eoin Macken) and their daughter, Izzy (Zyra Gorecki), have landed in prehistoric Seattle, and must now face the elements and animals to reach L.A.

David Appelbaum revealed a few plot lines for the second season of TV Line. “In Season 2, they will be outside of 10,000 B.C.,” he said.

Several key cast members will return to their roles, along with some new cast members, according to the series. The main cast member of the series with their respective character descriptions are as follows:

Riley's father, physician, and former SEAL is played by Jon Seda as Dr. Sam Velez.

Ty Coleman, played by Chiké Okonkwo, is a therapist Eve befriends.

Gavin Harris, the estranged husband of Eve and a former military pilot, has been having visions of a prehistoric land. Eoin Macken as Gavin Harris

Zyra is the adolescent daughter of Eve and Gavin, who lost her left leg in a car accident while being driven home by a neighbor.

Eve Harris, a helicopter mother and office manager who falls into the sinkhole, Natalia Zea.

Josh Harris is played by Jack Martin, the teen son of Eve who falls into a hole.

Lilly Castillo, a girl who pretends she can't speak, was actually kidnapped by Veronica and Aaron. Chloe De Los Santos as Lilly Castillo

Lucas Hayes is played by Josh McKenzie, Marybeth's estranged son, who is a drug trafficker and has had a bad relationship with his mother since she shot his dad due to his intention to betray him to the cops.

Veronica Castillo, an apparently religious young lady and former ranaway who was terribly affected when her apparent father Aaron was murdered by a devil.

Levi Delgado, a United States Air Force pilot who is an old friend of the Harris family, is Nicholas Gonzalez.

Scott Israni is played by Rohann Micrhandaney, an Australian anthropology graduate student who was working at the George C. Page Museum. A recreational drug user who is always high.

Riley Velez, daughter of Dr. Sam Velez, is played by Veronica St. Clair. Josh befriends Veronica St. Clair.

Tonantzin Carmelo as Paara is an ethnic Native American who lives and has a high standing in the Fort. It is unclear if she came from 10,000 BC or a different time period.

Ella Jones is played by Michelle Vergara Moore, a grown-up version of Lilly who has since followed Isaiah and has expanded to become an artist.

Martin Sensmeier will play Taamet, the leader of the La Brea Survivors as Season 2 unfolds. His appearance will be in the October 4 episode.

Jonno Roberts is set to play James Mallet, a brilliant scientist and businessman who is attempting to save the world.

La Brea is produced by Universal Television and Matchbox Pictures, both divisions of Universal Studio Group, in association with Keshet Studios. Produced by Avi Nir, Alon Shtruzman, Peter Traugott, Rachel Kaplan, Chris Hollier, Adam Davidson, Bryan Wynbrandt, Steven Lilien, and Arika Lisanne Mittman

The second season will include 14 episodes, compared to 10 in the first season. The episodes are expected to be 43 minutes long, as in the previous season. On the other hand, the network did release a synopsis of the first two episodes, which gives an overview of the plot as follows:

The Next Day – September 27, 2022: S2E1

"Desperate to reunite with her son, Eve follows a lead that brings her face to face with a brutal prehistoric group," according to the official synopsis; "Gavin, Izzy, and Ella question whether they are fit to survive in 10,000 B.C.," and Josh and Riley wake up in an unfamiliar time.

The Cave (S2E2) – October 4, 2022

"Gavin seeks the help of his grandfather to find his missing wife; Eve and Levi discover a horrifying new reality in 1988; Josh and Riley discover they're being followed by a guy who discovers the source of the sinkholes," according to the official synopsis.

Season 2 of La Brea is available on NBC and Peacock as well as fuboTV and Hulu Plus. You can also rent or purchase La Brea on Vudu, which has a wide variety of membership options depending on the individual's preferences and location.

The official trailer for the next season of 1:41 minutes was released on September 22, 2022, with enough scenes to demonstrate how the show is progressing, further implying, "Everything you love about this edge-of-your-seat drama is back. From giant sloths to terrifying time travel, the survivors continue their heart-pounding journey to find their way back home."

While you wait for La Brea Season 2 to air next week on NBC, you can catch up on the previous season.

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