Is Lifetimes a True Story? Where Was It Shot? Who is the cast?

Is Lifetimes a True Story? Where Was It Shot? Who is the cast? ...

'What Happened to My Sister?' is a thriller film directed by Michelle Mower. However, Drea chooses to join the same organization that her late sister was a member of prior to her death two years ago.

Viewers have praised the Lifetime film for its excellent cast and appealing backdrops. Many fans have praised the film's narrative and cannot help but wonder if any particular real-life vent influenced the plot. Our website has all of the information you need!

Is What Happened to My Sister a True Story?

'What Happened to My Sister?' isn't based on a true story. Michelle Mower served as the film's producer during the film's development. Given her previous roles in 'A Woman Betrayed' and 'A Husband's Confession,' there are several real-life aspects that viewers can easily relate to.

'Are My Friends Killers?' focuses on Lauren, Zoey's dear friend from a college social group. Lauren's mother, Mrs. Price, asks her to investigate the group prior to her death.

'What Happened to My Sister?' is a lengthy story that combines tried and tested elements into a nail-biting plot. The different characters' journeys make them relatable to the viewers.

What Happened to My Sister?Filming Locations

'What Happened to My Sister?' was shot primarily in Texas, specifically in the city of Houston. The film's principal filming occurred in late September 2021 and October 2021.

Houston, Texas

What Happened to My Sister? The cast and crew of the film appeared to be having a great time during the filmmaking process. They also have fond memories of the same.

Houston has become well-known for its space and science contributions. The city is the home of NASA's Johnson Space Center, which has been providing flight and mission control for NASA's extraterrestrial missions for over 50 years. In fact, the city's name is the first ever spoken word that was transmitted to Earth from Moon.'

What Happened to My Sister?

Lauryn Speights plays Drea Davrow in the film 'What Happened to My Sister?' She is well-known for her roles in 'Black Hearted Killer.' Her other acting credits include 'Buck Alamo or (A Phantasmagorical Ballad.' Ashley Jones has also been a part of 'The Bold and the Beautiful.'

Alexandria DeBerry as Callie Thompson, Cecilia Iveth as Jess Mauro, LaTeace Towns-Cuellar as Detective Leanore Tucci, and Brian Thornton as Coach Carson are also in the Lifetime thriller.

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