Babylons Fall is set to close in 2023, and some copies will be given away for free

Babylons Fall is set to close in 2023, and some copies will be given away for free ...

Babylon's Fall is a huge failure, that many shops are actually offering it for free. But is it still worth it to purchase?

Square Enix announced that it would be killing off Babylon's Fall less than a year after it was launched.

The RPG was a mystery release in March 2022, but on February 28th, 2023, its servers will be closed for good.

Babylon's Fall is already gone.

Babylon's Fall was especially problematic in the first few weeks of its release because to its low number of concurrent players. At its initial launch, the game had only 650 concurrent players on Steam.

Square Enix issued a statement saying that it has no intentions to reduce the game's development.

Babylon's Fall had one player. One, single concurrent player, as if things weren't going to get worse.

Moreover, at the time of writing, Babylon's Fall has only four concurrent players right now, and seven within a 24-hour period, according to SteamDB. So, I suppose, there's a bit of hype now that the game is being phased off?

While we are unable to get the same exact player numbers for PlayStation, it appears that merchants are already preparing for the end of the PlatinumGames flop.

Several social media posts have stated that some shops are already giving away free copies of their products.

Is it still a bargain if it's free?

I suppose shops should capitalize on the seven-player buzz and offer free copies while the train is still going. It's better than being unable to resell the copies at all.

At this time, it appears that only free copies are being given away in the United States; however, this may change soon.

Have you managed to acquire a free copy of Babylon's Fall from GameStop or other retailers? Let us know via our social media channels.

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