Is the On the Come Up based on a true story?

Is the On the Come Up based on a true story? ...

'On the Come Up' is a musical drama film directed by Sanaa Lathan. The 16-year-old girl is determined to establish herself as a well-known name in the music industry. Her father's prolific career as a rapper has fueled her desire to make her name.

The film, which stars Jamila Gray, Sanaa Lathan, and Miles Gutierrez-Riley, explores several aspects of the music industry and family dynamics. Bri's dreams to become a well-known artist are a culmination of her own ambitions and her father's legacy, and the viewers will not be disappointed by the same!

Is It a True Story That On the Come Up Happened?

Yes, 'On the Come Up' is partially based on a true story. The film is a remake of Angie Thomas' eponymous 2019 novel, with Sanaa Lathan serving as the film's director. The stores depicted in the book and the film are not that different.

Hip-hop was there when I felt like the rest of the world wasn't. I tell people all the time that as a teenager I hated reading because I couldn't see myself in a lot of books, but hip-hop filled that void for me. Rappers encouraged me to find my voice and pay tribute to that culture, which was a blessing to be able to do with this book.

Angie's financial situation enabled her to desire to be heard and help her family escape poverty. Given her love of rap, Angie dreamed of becoming a rap artist. Bri's wants and needs as a person are reflected in her novel.

For the same reasons, Angie's 2017 book is inspired by Eminem's character in '8 Mile,' and the writer wanted to pay tribute to one of the artists she deeply admires through her work. This book was also adapted into a film under George Tillman Jr.

'On the Come Up' is partially based on the life of Angie Thomas, although it does have several elements that many in the audience can relate to. Bri's mother's struggles add a layer of drama to the film.

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