Will Queen Regent Miriel die in the power ringes?

Will Queen Regent Miriel die in the power ringes? ...

'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power' takes the audience back to a time when the Rings of Power hadn't been forged yet and Sauron hadn't shown up in his full form. In the third episode, the kingdom of Numenor is introduced, with Tar-Palantir, who is unable to rule the kingdom, his daughter takes charge and becomes Queen Regent.

Galadriel finally manages to persuade the queen to return to Middle-Earth and face the imminent danger of Sauron in the fifth episode of the show. But before she leaves Numenor, Miriel receives a warning from her father, who says she won't be able to go because of the darkness she will be faced with. Let's find out.

Will Queen Regent Miriel die?

Prequels often mean that a lot of roles are already sealed, making their story all the more tragic. For Miriel, that fate might be nearing, but it will not be the end of her tale. At least not according to the books. 'Rings of Power' has a lot of room to explore Miriel's story from a slightly different angle.

Miriel is the correctful successor to the Numenor throne following her father, Tar-Palantir. However, Pharazon is overthrown by the public, and people seem to believe in him more than their own queen. In fact, his own son refuses to suggest that he not travel to Middle-Earth.

As opposed to what would have occurred if Pharazon had taken the throne of Numenor for himself, he does not murder Miriel. Unfortunately for Miriel, she must live long enough to see her island kingdom being destroyed by the wrath of Valar, which has already been mentioned in the show. If Numenor marches to Middle-Earth, the evil will be stopped in its tracks.

Unbeknownst to both, this act will result in the destruction of Numenor. Previously, Gil-galad had said that Galadriel might stoke the fire of the very evil she was attempting to rid of, and this will prove true in a number of ways. Eventually, Sauron will be sent to Numenor and he will persuade Pharazon, now the king, to march on the forbidden lands of Valinor, which will result in the

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