Charlamagne asks Rappers Who Say RIP While GlorifyingViolence

Charlamagne asks Rappers Who Say RIP While GlorifyingViolence ...

Following the recent tragic killing of PnB Rock earlier this month, Charlamagne Tha God addressed the glorifification of murder in today's Hip-Hop.

Charlamagne addressed Tee Grizzley's recent burglary of his Los Angeles home during the "Rumor Report" segment on The Breakfast Club Monday. He also discussed Grizzley's views on PnB Rock and King Von.

"It's why it does confuse me when I hear artists, you know send out rest in peaces to people, but then continue to glorify and celebrate the same lifestyle that ultimately led to these people that they're saying R.I.P's to," he added.

Charlamagne's comments came after Grizzley took to his Instagram to reflect on a 9-month-old house invasion. He wanted to let fans know that his family was safe, considering that he never expressed himself publicly about the incident. Thieves stole over $1,000,000 in jewelry and cash.

“I wouldn’t have even said non because the internet put everybody in my business.” He wrote on IG. In the accompanying video, he said, “I appreciate everyone coming out and checking on me and my family. Thank you!” I need y’all to do one thing for me though, man, for PnB Rock and his kids, King Von and his kids, and all the kids who must learn to live without their pops. Because he was killed, and that sh*t ain’t easy

The 28-year-old Detroit rapper then discussed the power of words, basically agreeing with Charlamagne that rappers should be more aware of what they say on records.

"We need to pay attention to what we say into existence," he wrote. "It's true that we're looking at it like it's art," he added, but these words are powerful. Just like we might speak some good sh*t into existence, we may also express some bad sh*t into existence, so we need to be really careful when we create some characters. "Speak in third-person."

According to HipHopDX, the house of the 'First Day Out' rapper in Porter Ranch was broken-into back in January, the same night that he and his wife celebrated their first engagement. Nobody was home at the time as the couple was out celebrating the joyous occasion.

The Detroit rapper's remarks come after PnB Rock was tragically shot and died on September 12th while eating with his girlfriend at Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles. The LAPD is reportedly looking through security footage from inside the restaurant to try to discover a suspect.

Around the seven-minute mark, you can see Charlamagne's remarks above.

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