Birdman Updates On B.G.'s PrisonRelease

Birdman Updates On B.G.'s PrisonRelease ...

Birdman has released an update on B.G., an incarcerated rap artist, who is soon to be a free man.

Birdman posted a photo of B.G. on his Instagram account on Wednesday, with a caption expressing his hope that the 42-year-old New Orleans native will soon receive his walking papers. "Be home in a minute," Birdman wrote, tagging B.G.'s social media account in the post.

B.G. is currently serving a 14-year federal sentence after pleading guilty to gun possession and witness tampering. The charges stemmed from a 2009 arrest in New Orleans, when police discovered three firearms, two of which were taken, in B.G.'s vehicle during a traffic check.

Birdman wrote a letter to the court pleading for B.G.'s release. "He has a platform and the opportunity to communicate his experience to today's young men who need to hear what he's got to say."

B.G. has also attempted to obtain an early release from prison, citing the COVID-19 epidemic as a reason. However, his requests have been denied, with U.S. District Judge Susie Morgan stating that she "did not find any gross neglect that influenced the outcome" of B.G.'s petition for a compassionate release.

Check out Birdman's Instagram post here.

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