What Was The Filmed On the Come Up?

What Was The Filmed On the Come Up? ...

'On the Come Up,' a musical drama film directed by Sanaa Lathan, follows a 16-year-old girl named Bri, who dreams of becoming one of the greatest rappers of all time. Being the daughter of an almost famous hip-hop musician who died just before she was blown up, she struggles to make a name for herself in the battle rap scene, filling the shoes of her father.

Bri draws on her hardships and tears out her thoughts in her first song, which is now viral, but for all the wrong reasons. She must now decide whether she wants to stick to the authentic self that brought her to fame, or give in to the false image that media and industry have painted of her in the public eye. In addition, the battle rap scenes against interesting backdrops will make you curious to learn more about the filming locations.

On the Rise Locations for Filming

'On the Come Up' was shot in Missouri, North Carolina, and Georgia, specifically in St. Louis, Raleigh, and Atlanta. The main shooting for the rap film reportedly began in late October 2021, and ended up in December of the same year!

Missouri's St. Louis is a city in the United States.

The film 'On the Come Up' was reportedly set up in St. Louis, the second largest city in Missouri. In particular, the cast and crew members of the movie were reportedly caught filming several scenes in and around the Garden Heights Nursery at 1605 South Big Bend Boulevard.

Raleigh, North Carolina

Several scenes from the musical drama were shot in Raleigh, North Carolina, which is also the seat of Wake County. From the looks of it, the filming crew traveled across the city to record different sequences for the film, among them are Haywood Hall House & Gardens, the North Carolina Museum of Art, Mordecai Plantation, and the City of Raleigh Museum.

Atlanta, Georgia

'On the Come Up' was also taped in and around Atlanta, Georgia's capital and most populous city, as well as in and around the country's major film and television studios. Some of the shows include 'Samaritan,' 'Day Shift,' and 'Tell Me Lies.'

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