What Has Happened to Jeremy Scott? Did he kill Michelle Schofield?

What Has Happened to Jeremy Scott? Did he kill Michelle Schofield? ...

No one could have imagined that the subsequent investigations would proceed as planned, as discussed on '20/20: Last Seen In Lakeland,' just for fresh evidence to suggest someone else may be to blame for the horrific crime.

What Has Happened to Jeremy Scott?

Jeremy Lynn Scott is a lifelong criminal who is currently behind bars for an entirely unrelated crime after being acquitted of a murder charge at the age of 15 (around 1984), before going on to commit arson, robbery, armed robbery, grand theft, and battery on an official in the next three years. However, another year later, on November 1, 1988, the Polk County, Florida, resident killed his friend Donald Moorehead ostensibly because he did not pay for

According to court filings, Jeremy bashed Donald's head with a grape juice bottle, then fatally strangled him with a phone cord alongside an accomplice in the early hours of that fateful day. This is why he was convicted of first-degree murder as well as armed robbery in 1989. Today, he is serving his sentence in Bradford County's mixed-security Florida State Prison (AKA Raiford Prison).

Michelle Schofield was murdered by Jeremy Scott?

A previously unidentified fingerprint discovered on Michelle Schofield's abandoned vehicle (in 1987) was matched to convicted murderer Jeremy Scott, thereby resolving the whole situation. He was subsequently questioned because not only was he in jail at the time of this particular crime, but he lived two miles away from the location where her body was discovered. He denied that he had any role in the crime in any way, shape, or form.

Michelle's husband/convicted killer Leo Schofield's attorney spoke with Jeremy in the hopes of finding out more information about his retrial. Jeremy allegedly confessed, only to outright deny the same during a police interview in 2017 before adding that he would happily pay $1,000 in cash for any offense. He was interrogated again in 2016, but it was on record this time, and the tape caught every bit of his confession.

Michelle had spoken on the phone at a gas station and offered her directions to a quiet lake, only to casually offer her directions while she was in the car, causing him to lose his temper, especially since he was taking prescription medications. "Next thing I know, I lost it," Jeremy admitted.

Leo's case was thus taken to court for a preliminary evidentiary hearing to determine whether or not he should have a retrial, where Jeremy stood and recanted his confession in October 2017. This new update as well as a couple of discrepancies in his narrative, led the court to conclude that he lacked credibility, meaning that he would not have murdered Michelle.

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