Season 2 Episode 11 of The Devil is a Part-Timer Recap and Explaining

Season 2 Episode 11 of The Devil is a Part-Timer Recap and Explaining ...

'The Devil is a Part-Timer!' or 'Hataraku Maou-sama!!' season 2, titled 'The Devil Preaches Human Interaction,' Maou goes to the showroom with Alsiel, Suzune, and Rika to get a new TV. Suddenly something strange happens in the city's urban area as the TV screens explode for some unknown reason. Maou and his friends later learn that this is the work of the Watcher, an angel who has come as

The Devil is a Part-Timer Recap from Season 2 Episode 11

Rika is ecstatic that the time has come to meet Alsiel. She places no stone unturned in making him appear presentable. When they meet, she is disappointed that Alsiel came with Suzune and Maou, and bemoans the fact that she did not anticipate it to happen.

The four friends meet at a popular restaurant that offers moderate prices but high quality cuisine. Suzune is particularly impressed by the food there and claims that there is nothing to complain about. When Maou talks about his budget with Rika, a rude customer attracts everyone's attention.

Maou does not want to sit back and let him yell rudely at the counter employee, so he intervenes and gives him a lesson on manners. To his surprise, the customer turns out to be quite friendly afterward. Later outside the shop, he talks to a friend on the phone about some unknown plan.

Maou asks Rika if she has fallen in love with his friend. Rika is so embarrassed that she can barely say anything. Maou later discusses the same with Suzune who becomes quite angry. She claims that they cannot afford to involve more people in their lives.

Rika and Chiho have already told Chiho everything about them, and getting her involved might be dangerous in the long run. However, Maou disagrees with her. Meanwhile, Emi meets Chiho's mother accidentally and learns that her friend has been admitted to the hospital.

Season 2 Episode 11 of The Devil is a Part-Timer: How Does Chiho Get Poioned By Magical Powers?Who is Raguel?

Maou and his friends immediately go to the hospital where Chiho is admitted. They tell them that Chiho has been poisoned by extremely powerful magical powers. They visit Chiho's room shortly afterward and are concerned to see her lying unconscious. When Chiho's mother is not around, all of them gather around and discuss the situation.

Suzune reveals that she studied Chiho's body to see how she might respond and that she is certain that the holy spirit sonar will eventually neutralize the magic, indicating that she will be fine. Nevertheless, Maou and others are still unsure how she became poisoned in the first place and how she gained the capacity to use magical powers.

While they are having this discussion, the television screens burst once more, rushing to keep Chiho on her side in case she is hurt. Urushihara finally arrives at the hospital too and explains that the Watcher transmitted the sonar via TV signals. He further states that Gabriel came to the couple's house in their absence and he now has to look for the Great Overlord's Legacy.

Urushihara claims that the Watcher is Gabriel's replacement. When Suzune asks whether he is Raguel the Watcher responsible for all of the angels' activities, Urushihara replies in the affirmative. However, Raguel is not a special-ranked angel, rather is entrusted with a critical authority called Declaration of the Fallen. It means that he not only monitors other angels, but also determines what punishment they receive.

Chiho was the most affected by the sonar blast because her house was previously the target of a sonar blast. Emi argues that Raguel isn't looking for the Overlord or Yesod fragments, or her better half.

Chiho's mother goes to the hospital to see her again before Maou and his friends can do anything else. Meanwhile, Lailah pays her a visit and gives her a diamond. She believes that Chiho is the one who brings Maou and his group together, and that her well-being is paramount.

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