Ryan Grantham of Riverdale has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother

Ryan Grantham of Riverdale has been sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother ...

Ryan Grantham of Riverdale is sentenced to life in prison for killing his mother.

The 24-year-old actor from the CW series Riverdale was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 14 years, according to a statement from BC Prosecution Services on September 22. Grantham was also ordered to be permanently disarmed when he was sentenced on September 20th.

After his sentence, Ryan's attorney Chris Johnson stated that Grantham has "worked extremely hard to turn his life around."

Johnson's statement states that the defendant has received a lot of psychological help, and he has struggled with what he has done and is facing that, but he hopes to be able to devote the rest of his life to making amends.

Dan McLaughlin of the BC Prosecution Service submitted a statement in June to E! News, claiming that he had admitted to murder in March for his mother's death.

According to CBC News reporter Karin Larsen, Grantham shot his mother Barbara Waite in the back of the head during she played the piano at their house in March of 2020. Grantham, then 21 years old, admitted to the crime in a video in which he also videotaped his mother's body.

Grantham loaded his car with pistols, bullets, and Molotov cocktails the next day, presumably to Ottawa to kill Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. However, Grantham chose to circle around and execute massive violence at the Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver or Simon Fraser University, his alma mater.

Grantham went to the Vancouver police station that night and confessed to an officer, saying, "I killed my mother."

Michaela Donnelly, the Crown Attorney for June, cited two medical records to allege that Grantham was experiencing violent impulses and clinical depression before killing his mother.

On the third and last day of his hearing in June, Grantham gave a statement of self-reflection to the court.

'It hurts me to think about how severely I've wasted my life,' he added. 'In the face of something so terrible, it seems so useless to say sorry. But from every fiber of my being, I'm sorry.'

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