Equinix is putting hydrogen to the test as a data center alternative energy source

Equinix is putting hydrogen to the test as a data center alternative energy source ...

equinix has partnered with the national university of singapore to investigate the potential of hydrogen to become a viable alternative energy source for data center infrastructure. According to the company, the company has initiated the study to investigate local power generation technologies for data centers of the future, collaborating with the Center for Energy Research and Technology of the aforementioned university.

In this study, CERT will examine proton exchange membrane fuel cells' performance against linear and fuel-flexible generation methods for powering data centers.

Equinix intends to perform proof-of-concept experiments in its global network of data centers as part of this study. It intends to incorporate the most feasible technology into its future data center concepts.

Fuel cells work in a similar fashion to batteries, generating electricity by hydrogen as the electrolyte, while flex-fuel generators utilize a low-temperature reaction of air and fuel, rather than combustion, to generate electricity. Apart from hydrogen, these generators can also work with other types of fuel.

Equinix has stated that the project will be responsible for assessing the suitability of these technologies, initially, for data centers in tropical areas, taking into account local climatic conditions, site restrictions, energy demand, supply chain of supply, and regulatory policies of each country.

According to Equinix's General Manager for South Asia, "working with like-minded partners such as the NUS Center for Energy Research and Technology gives us the expertise and experience required to support digital economies, including to global economies and to the environment."

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