Thanks to Semrush and Wix, businesses and freelancers have increased their online visibility

Thanks to Semrush and Wix, businesses and freelancers have increased their online visibility ...

Semrush, a SaaS platform for managing online visibility and content marketing, has joined wix, a company dedicated to the creation, management, and expansion of its online presence, in order to enhance millions of businesses, freelancers, and liberal professionals' online visibility. The agreement also applies to Internet users throughout the world who, without generating content for professional purposes, wish to enhance their personal web pages.

The combination of Wix and Semrush gives its users the ability to know which terms are bringing the most traffic to the sites at each moment and at every place in the world.

This knowledge is critical when conceiving an SEO positioning strategy that assists both big and small businesses, freelancers, liberal professionals, and individuals in achieving greater visibility in search engine rankings and in compliance with their digital marketing strategies.

The integration will allow Wix users to quickly find the most relevant and effective keywords for their website, without leaving the Wix platform. Semrush SEO Setup is a Wix user-friendly program that guides Wix users through the installation of their website for SEO and getting indexed in Google.

«Our objective has always been to assist businesses and marketers in achieving greater visibility on search engines.... By enabling our users to do better research and select the appropriate keywords and topics to focus on in their content strategy, right from their dashboard, we are making SEO more accessible to everyone..

Wix empowers users to discover innovative opportunities and boost their Google rankings via Semrush's keyword databases and metrics. Organic search traffic is extremely valuable, so the new partnership with Wix can help grow their users' businesses," says Marcus Tober, Semrush's SVP of Business Solutions.

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