Maya responds to allegations that she concealed a sexual assault

Maya responds to allegations that she concealed a sexual assault ...

Maya responds to accusations that she concealed a sexual assault.

Maya Higa, a popular Twitch streamer, has filed a complaint against players Adrianah Lee and Trainwreck for a sexual assault cover-up in 2020.

The disagreement over the ItsSliker gambling scam has escalated into a fresh problem. Users like Zack "Asmongold" began urging for a ban on Twitch gambling. Trainwreck retaliated, claiming that he and his cronies, particularly Mizkif, were exploiting the circumstances to sue him.

Maya and Mizkif 'blackmailed and railroaded' unidentified girls into silence about a sexual assault they committed, according to Trainwreck. Adrianah turned to Twitch to argue her case.

"I was told, 'It's okay!' Please come out about it so we don't have to kick Slick out. We'll reach a compromise so we don't have to kick Slick out. You'll be fine," AdrianahLee said.

According to the streamer, the Twitlonger was a watered-down recreation of a campaign to portray CrazySlick in a positive light. She also showed video of Mizkif dismissing the sexual harassment as "low-scale" and saying that nobody "gave a s—" about it.

Maya used Twitch to respond to the controversy, stating that she had not attempted to conceal the fact. She claimed that she was the most popular streamer, but she never attempted to overthrow her views or opinions on Adrianah Lee's Twitlonger. She wanted Adrianah Lee to explain herself in the Twitlonger, so she asked her if she had been sexually assaulted.

”She said at the time, she thought Slick sexually assaulted her.” Maya said.

AdrianahLee supposedly suggested MayahLee write a Twitlonger in which she demonstrates that Slick did not rape or sexually assault her. However, due to CrazySlick's friendship with Maya and Mizkif, AdrianahLee reportedly feels pressured to disclose the sexual assault incident.

Mizkif has yet to respond to the matter, but Maya has already announced that she will talk with Adrianah off-stream to clear the air. As a counterpoint, CrazySlick has categorically denied attacking Ardianah, stating instead that he was only looking at her for a pulse.

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