How to Purchase FIFA Points on the FIFA 23 Web App

How to Purchase FIFA Points on the FIFA 23 Web App ...

On the FIFA 23 web app, how do I buy FIFA points?

FIFA 23 is available on iOS and Android only, but you must have a "good standing account" to access the transfer market. By tapping the plus symbol (+) next to the amount of FIFA Points they currently possess in the upper right corner of the screen, PC users can purchase FIFA Points through the FUT Web App.

The FIFA 23 Web App and the FIFA 23 Companion App have been released by Electronic Arts. Players are preparing to take advantage of their limited early access to FIFA 23 Ultimate Team as the FUT Web App and FUT Companion App launch on September 21, 2022, and September 22, 2022, respectively. Players now have access to the FIFA 23 Transfer Market, Squad Building Challenges, and more as a result of the FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App. Starting on September 22, the FIFA 23 Companion App will allow iOS

When you attempt to enter the web app at the moment, an email reminds you that your EA account does not yet have a FIFA Club, and that you must create one on your console or PC in order to continue. However, Electronic Arts has put in place a few security measures that must be met before fans may visit your new club.

Before the game's release, players may purchase packs and sell stuff through the web and companion app. Coins or FIFA Points will only be available for pre-orders, so you'll have to wait till the pack is released. The first transfer of FIFA 21 points occurs when you sign into FIFA 22 for the first time during Google Play Early Access or after installing the app.

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