Season 2 Episode 1 of The Kardashians (Hulu) Recap & Review

Season 2 Episode 1 of The Kardashians (Hulu) Recap & Review ...

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Khloe and Kim Kardashian discuss Tristan's pregnancy in Season 2 of The Kardashians. The older of the two asks Khloe to stop being in denial about Tristan cheating on her and asks Khloe to accept the bitter truth. Khloe openly discusses Tristan's pregnancy with a different woman at the end of Season 1.

Khloe says she will not change anything and that the embryo transfer had already been done days before the cheating scandal was discovered. She visits Kylie and they discuss the new child Khloe would soon be able to bring.

Kylie assures Khloe that the new baby boy will be placed with the best family. The two sisters explain how it all started as it was meant to be. Khloe personally says that she would never have gone through with the procedure if she had known Tristan was cheating on her and having a second child.

Kylie states that once Khloe receives her baby, everything will be fine for her. Khloe jokes that she is not okay and that the situation is not okay. Kylie is irritated as Khloe undergoes this. Kylie asks if Khloe is planning a room for her new baby and offers to assist Khloe by gifting her own baby clothes.

Khloe expresses gratitude to her family and expresses how terrible it might have been for her if she had been completely lonely. Kylie, Kendall, and Kim meet with their mother Kris to discuss Khloe's current situation. The sisters claim that Tristan deliberately allowed this to happen in order to keep Khloe around. Kris believes he wanted Khloe to marry him.

Kylie claims that this is unforgivable and that the four women planned to throw her a baby shower for her and her family. Kim is trying to spread the family's energy and Kylie states that Khloe must feel their support. Malika, Khloe's best friend, visits her.

Malika is surprised Khloe told True about the baby, and she wants to keep it private in the face of the media frenzy, rather than blame Tristan for his actions. Khloe expresses her rage at her current predicament with him.

Malika tells Khloe that she will always have all the things she dreamed of giving her a day at a time. The mother-daughter duo discusses Khloe's present situation.

Kris begins crying as she hopes Khloe does not miss out on the joys of having a newborn. She states that since she is not carrying the baby, she fears that having a baby shower might be overwhelming for her. She still insists that her family should celebrate her.

Khloe tells Kris to keep it simple and lets her mother give her a shower. She tells her cousin Cece about the baby herself and is relieved to see a positive reaction from her cousin.

As she starts listing her selection of boy names, the third Kardashian sister vulnerably admits that she is a bit apprehensive about how people will perceive her and her new baby boy. Khloe is visiting Kim's house and Kim tells Khloe how the surrogate procedure goes.

Kim tells Khloe that she should allow Tristan to go to the delivery room for her baby, although she knows that the child will make things better for her healing. Kim states that the procedure of having a baby via surrogate is already separated from the couple, but Khloe has it far worse.

Kris and Khloe are going baby shopping, and the mother is attempting to get Khloe to open up for the new baby. Kris showers Khloe with a little thank you for the to-be mother.

Kim raises a toast for Khloe and gets emotional. She breaks down again, stating that Khloe deserves to be a mother. Khloe expresses her gratitude to her family and friends for supporting her through this.

Kim picks up Khloe's surrogate as they drive to the hospital. Kim film the entire process. Khloe is shocked when her new baby is placed on her.

Khloe declares that now she will be able to begin the healing process by being the mother of the two children. Kris sends a heartfelt message for her 12th grandchild, wishing him a happy future with someone who deserves her.

Khloe FaceTimes her family and they all send out encouraging messages for the new mother of two. Tristan holds the baby for the first time at the hospital and Khloe finally brings the baby home as the episode closes.

Khloe, the new mother of two, needs that. There are a lot of negative remarks about her, and she needs people to realize that she isn't the one to be blaming. After Kourtney was cheated on her, Khloe said she would not return them if someone cheated on her.

Fans miss the bold Khloe that has changed a lot over the years. She is a resilient person, and it is true that Khloe has grown somewhat in contrast to her early KUWTK self.

The episode was purposefully planned to have Khloe reveal her true identity to supporters and then discuss her future with her babies, leaving Tristan in only as a co-parent. I am particularly interested in Kim's new romance with Pete, as well as Kourtney's realization of her dream wedding.

Kylie's willingness to share her experiences this season is encouraging, and I hope to get to see her baby boy this season. Kim's rude remarks about Women in Business are sure to bite her in the backside, and I am looking forward to hearing her take on the situation in which she explains why she did what she did.

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