Rebecca Cleland, Alvaro Quezada, and Jose Quezada: Where Are They Now?

Rebecca Cleland, Alvaro Quezada, and Jose Quezada: Where Are They Now? ...

'Scorned: Fatal Fury: Murder Stripped Down,' a documentary on the cold-blooded plot to have Bruce murdered for financial gain, has you covered.

What Was Bruce Cleland's Death?

Bruce Cleland was a quiet and reserved guy who was close to his parents. After graduating from Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, Bruce attended Stanford University in the same state. At the time of the incident, he worked as a software designer for a company, where he sold spices. Eventually, they married in a civil ceremony before having a church wedding in January 1997.

Rebecca and Bruce met at a pub on July 25, 1997, before going to Rebecca's uncle's house for drinks. They left from there at around 1 am, with Rebecca driving. Sometime later, a cab driver passing through a secluded street found Rebecca lying on the ground and Bruce in a driveway across the road in a pool of blood. He had been shot twice in the head and once in the back, and the vehicle was still running when the cops arrived.

Bruce Cleland was murdered by whom?

Rebecca Salcedo reported to authorities that a light on her dashboard suggested that the rear hatch was not locked properly. She pulled over and got out of the car to close it. She claimed someone hit her in the head and knocked her unconscious before she awakened to discover Bruce dead. It appeared that the attacker shot him in the back and two more times in the head.

Rebecca's appearance was also a concern, as the couple's valuables were still inside the vehicle. It seemed more like someone was waiting for them to arrive before killing Bruce. It was about four miles out of the way to their house in Whittier, California.

Despite Rebecca's claims that she was struck in the head, paramedics examined the couple's personal lives. During the initial stage of their relationship, Bruce purchased Rebecca a lot of expensive presents. At the time, the authorities learned that she promised to marry Bruce for his money, have a child with him, and collect child support. Rebecca even used his credit card for cosmetic surgery without his knowledge.

Rebecca lived in Whittier until her husband's wedding ceremony in January 1997. At the time, she was in sexual relationships with other men and would ask Bruce to call before coming to him. The cops also learned that, at one point, Rebecca asked her sister if she could find someone to murder Bruce and make it appear like an accident.

Bruce and Rebecca began living together in Whittier. Witnesses reported seeing them hugging and kissing each other in April 1997. According to his parents, he considered divorce, but by July 1997, he changed his mind. This led to the dinner on July 26 that year.

Rebecca called Alvaro or his father, Arturo, many times before going to the restaurant, according to telephone records from that day on July 1997. Cell tower information placed him near the crime scene 10 minutes before the slaying.

Bruce had over $1 million in life insurance policies at the time of his death. The authorities believed Rebecca wanted to get a hold of it along with his salary and retirement account. At the time, the authorities believed Jose was the perpetrator and Alvaro was the getaway driver. In the end, the police arrested all three people for the crime.

Where Are Rebecca Cleland, Alvaro Quezada, and Jose Quezada Today?

Rebecca Cleland, Alvaro Quezada, and Jose Quezada were convicted of murder in the first degree, and they were sentenced to life without parole in January 2007.

Jose's second trial ended in a mistrial, but he was convicted in a third, ultimately receiving the same sentence as Alvaro and Rebecca. His brother, Alvaro, is serving his sentence in Folsom State Prison in Represa, California. Rebecca is serving his sentence at the California Institute for Women in Corona, San Bernardino County.

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