During the Sandy Hook claims trial, Alex Jones gets angry at opponents

During the Sandy Hook claims trial, Alex Jones gets angry at opponents ...

During the trial of Sandy Hook, Alex Jones gets angry at opponents.

On Thursday, Alex Jones sparked a courtroom yelling match when he testified in a hearing to determine how much he owes the relatives of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims, who he incorrectly claimed was a fake.

Tensions boiled out after four hours of testimony in Waterbury, Connecticut, near Newtown. Jones slammed "liberals" and refused to apologize to victims' families.

“These are real people, do you know that Mr. Jones?” Mr. Mattei asked.

"Just like all Iraqis you liberals slaughtered and adore," Jones said, a Texas webcast host who said no one was killed in Sandy Hook, and the families were actors. His disciples tortured and threatened families.

The defamation case involves primarily how much Jones and Infowars' parent company must pay in damages for distributing allegations that the US government orchestrated the killing of 20 children and six staff members to seize firearms.

During Mattei's questioning, Jones, Mattei, and Jones' lawyer, Norman Pattis, chanted.

Judge Barbara Bellis informed attorneys that she would implement a "zero tolerance" rule for interruptions and schedule contempt-of-court proceedings for Jones after the jurors finished the day.

Mattei presented a video clip in which Jones commended his followers for displaying Infowars stickers in a Connecticut courtroom.

Jones stated mockingly in court, causing the judge to dismiss the courtroom and consult with attorneys. Jones is not charged.

Mattei viewed the tape as evidence that Jones' followers harassed Sandy Hook families online and in person, even during funerals.

When Mattei showed an Infowars image of Bellis with red lasers in her eyes, Jones admitted that he was not responsible for the position.

Bellis has barred political and conspiratorial arguments from the prosecution.

Jones is unable to contest his guilt for damages following Bellis's default judgment last year for repeated court order violations.

The jury must decide how much Free Speech Systems, the parent company of Jones and Infowars, must pay for the loss and suffering he caused.

In a similar case, a Texas jury paid the conspiracy theorist $49.3 million a month ago.

The compensation, according to Jones' attorneys, is excessive under Texas law.

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