Is Lou Phillips a mother? Why does Phillip want to kill Lou?

Is Lou Phillips a mother? Why does Phillip want to kill Lou? ...

'Lou' is a crime thriller starring Anna Foerster from 'Westworld.' As the film progresses, viewers learn about the person who has kidnapped Hannah's daughter, Vee. Soon, it becomes clear that Lou has a deeper connection with the kidnapper, Phillip, who wants to kidnap her. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Lou Phillip's mother?

Phillip is Vee's father and Hannah's husband. Lou, an elderly lady, owns the property they live on. As a result, Hannah seeks Lou's help in finding and saving Vee.

Hannah believes Phillip is attempting to punish her for escaping with their daughter, but the truth is much darker. Phillip leaves several postcards that serve as clues to his hideout. When Phillip and Lou finally meet, he forces Lou to confess the truth. Phillip is her son. She was able to do this because to her dedication to her job as a spy.

Phillip Wants to Assass Lou?

Hannah rescues her and asks her about her connection with Phillip. However, the people of the man abducted Phillip after thinking Lou of being a spy. Instead, the CIA intervened and rescued Phillip.

Phillip grows to hate his mother and wants to punish her for her actions toward him. The incident prompted him to adopt Hannah and Vee to the island in order to protect themselves from Phillip. Therefore, it is probable that Lou's lack of empathy resulted in his vendetta against her.

Phillip confesses to kidnapping Vee during the film's final scenes, inciting Lou to pursue his violent past by killing his mother and family. Thus, Phillip wishes to erase his traumatic past by killing his mother and family. Thus, Lou is forced to confront Phillip so Hannah and Vee may escape his wrath.

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