Olivia Wilde responds to the controversy over Chris Pine over Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde responds to the controversy over Chris Pine over Harry Styles ...

Olivia Wilde responds to the story that Harry Styles sprang out on Chris Pine.

If you are looking for evidence that Harry Styles hocked a loogie on his co-star on "Don't Worry Darling," you are out of luck.

Despite the rumors that Harry Styles spit on Chris Pine at the Venice Film Festival in September, the film's director Olivia Wilde has refuted the claims.

On "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Wilde stated on September 21 that "Harry did not spit on Chris, in fact."

Only time will tell.

“No, he didn’t,” she replied.

"People can look at a video that demonstrates not spitting on someone else and they'll still see what they want to see, and that is the creation of drama and that is clickbait," Wilde said.

Pine's representative had previously denied there was any spitting involved.

"This is a ridiculous tale." The spokesperson claims it is the result of an odd online illusion that is clearly deceiving and allows for phony speculation. Harry Styles did NOT spit on Chris Pine, because there is nothing but respect between these two men, and any suggestion otherwise is a clear attempt to deduce drama that exists.

Styles joked about it during a concert in New York City when the video of the event became viral.

“I just went very swiftly to Venice to spit on Chris Pine,” he said with a chuckle.

The film "Don't Worry Darling," which will be released on September 23rd, has been rumored to be a mess with another film star, Florence Pugh. Wilde gushed over the actor Stephen Colbert when asked if there was any bad blood between them.

"I have nothing but respect for Florence's talent." Wilde said. "She's on the set of her film, 'Dune,' right now, and there's nothing cooler than a busy actress. I have nothing against her, for whatever reason."

Wilde claims to be unfazed by the off-screen speculations.

During the epidemic, we made a film. That's like building a house in a hurricane, so we can deal with a little Twitter storm.

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