Next Time On Bad Sisters, Season 1, Episode 8

Next Time On Bad Sisters, Season 1, Episode 8 ...

This article discusses the Apple TV+ series Bad Sisters, season 1, episode 8, and how to watch it online.

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As JP investigates his own suicide attempt and the Garvey sisters try to pick up the pieces after another failed killing, the ten-episode series continues to impress.

  • Gabriel saves JP’s life at the mariner. He spies Eva and her younger sister watching the events unfold. In the present timeline, he informs the Claffin brothers of this key detail.
  • Grace worries that JP is suicidal after their argument, but JP claims someone is out to kill him. He has that many enemies that he doesn’t know who it could be, but his first suspicions are of neighbor Roger.
  • The Garvey sisters ponder the likelihood of JP or the police figuring them out. Ursula admits that his memory could return and to make matters worse, they can’t find JP’s nasal spray that still contains remnants of the Rohypnol.
  • JP manages to make it to his interview, even though he was in hospital only hours ago. Both JP and Eva ace their interviews, yet JP still tries to dissuade Gerald, saying Eva has a drinking problem. JP thanks Gabriel, and asks him if he saw anything unusual.
  • Becka goes to retrieve the nasal spray from JP’s bedroom, but he returns home early. He demands Becka reveals what is in her pocket and they fight. Blanaid stops things from escalating further.
  • Grace worries about JP some more and they argue. He pushes her down the steps outside their house. Grace is injured and sent to hospital. The sisters suspect JP’s involvement and it looks like Blanaid finally hates her father after witnessing these events.
  • Ben wants to rekindle his romance with Ursula, whose husband seems to be aware of some infidelity.
  • Thomas uses all the evidence he has collated to land the post-mortem go ahead.
  • Becka visits JP’s mother and finds JP’s secret taxidermy collection in the basement. There is also a locked door, which contains a dead body hidden inside.

Release Date/Time for Bad Sisters Season 1, Episode 8

On Friday, September 30th, 2022, the next episode will be available on Apple TV+ at 12am PT.

Where to find free online video

On the date mentioned above, viewers throughout the world can see Bad Sisters season 1, episode 8, on Apple TV+.


  • For some reason, I expected JP to find Becka in that cold room and maybe lock her in. If Becka can escape that fresh hell then she will surely tell the other sisters about her discovery. Will they use this information to frame JP and get him arrested or blackmail the prick?
  • Ursula has continued her affair. JP will make the husband aware, which may lead to a divorce.
  • JP suspects someone is trying to kill him, he will work through his list of enemies and make them fully aware of his findings. Does he suspect the sisters? I don’t think he even considers them to be capable of such evil.
  • The sisters will plan their next line of attack. If JP starts to suspect them, they may need to act fast and ensure he is killed without a shadow of a doubt this time around.

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