The House of Enlightenment's season 3, episode 5 recap

The House of Enlightenment's season 3, episode 5 recap ...

This Apple TV+ recap of the season 3, episode 5 of the series, "The House of Enlightenment," contains spoilers.

The House of Enlightenment sees Baba Voss' group barricade themselves in, ready for a confrontation, while Tormada, Trovere, and Harlan scheme on the outside.

See season 3, episode 5 recap

Lucien is left furious after she was captured by her captors just days earlier, but she wants to reinstate herself as Queen to lead this witch finder army into battle. She apologizes for their pain and suffering, but Maghra's behavior is blamed for manipulating her decisions.

Tormada's army makes themselves known, forcing Baba Voss' people to seize the house. Tormada asks to speak to his opponent, and Sheva replies, then Ranger, and finally Baba Voss. While this snappy conversation stalls, Captain Armagon is sent to discover the sighted children, who have fled.

Tormada and Baba Voss try to play mind games and they decide to prepare for battle rather than listening to his persuasive words any longer. The good guys line the floors with broken plates and set traps around the building. After Sheva shoots a few soldiers with her pistol, Haniwa shoots others with her bow and arrow. Finally, Kofun electrocutes some of the soldiers in a flooded room. It's an ordinary battle that doesn't feel that inventive or inspiring as Baba'

Tormada flees the city with his men and the precious bombs, killing those who remain outside the house too late by Harlan's secret army led by Guntar. Trovere realizes the double crossing all too late and attacks Harlan, only to be greeted by Baba's own attack. Harlan believes the two parties have sided with each other.

The conclusion

Harlan advises them to return to Pennsa and raise the alarm immediately. Tormada has carts of missiles ready to deploy, and no army could save their city from that unholy assault on such short notice. Baba agrees with Harlan and then sets down the building. Haniwa is moved by the news that her father is burning these historical records, which have been for centuries.

Haniwa apologizes to Sheva for the destruction of her house and the loss of such great fortune. However, Sheva replies by declaring that there are many more of these structures throughout the world, insinuating that Haniwa should not give up faith just yet.

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