Season 3, episode 5 of Central Park Golden Owen: Manager Damager

Season 3, episode 5 of Central Park Golden Owen: Manager Damager ...

This recap of the Apple TV+ series Central Park season 3, episode 5, "Golden Owen: Manager Damager," contains spoilers.

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Owen and Paige realized that they were overworking and neglecting their families last week on Central Park. Will Owen fall short? Let's dive in.

Season 3, episode 5 of Central Park: A recap

Owen is preparing to leave because to the Annual New York City Parks Manager conference. They haven't seen each other in a long time since they used to tattoo together. The song concludes with a funny story about how they all got dot tattoos on their butts.

Owen is even more excited when he gets to meet Paige at the conference. Abby is also coming to the house to hang out with the kids. Next, Owen tells a story about the guys who promised to take him to a cupcake shop instead.

The Mayor texts Owen to inform him that the park commissioner is interested in his "I love the park" campaign. However, he states that he will need approval from the Park Manager executive community. Owen isn't concerned because he is on the board and knows the rest of the crew on it.

After a one-episode break, my favorite duo has returned, and here are some pictures of Bitsy and Helen. Bitsy realizes that the floors haven't been cleaned in a while, and she wants it cleaned ASAP. Helen reminds her that she sacked the guy, but Bitsy tells her to bring him back to get them nice and shiny.

Abby is attempting to think of something different for the children. They suggest eating a thousand-dollar burrito or going on a helicopter tour, but Abby cautions them that she is a little light on cash and needs something smaller to do with them.

Owen and Paige have arrived at the conference, and he is showing her around. Next, Owen prepares the week-old cupcakes for the group to eat. The group starts to snag a cupcake and start to slam him for failing to manage an actual park while Owen is close by. It hurts his feelings.

Owen tells Paige that they don't believe they're that hard at work. He tries to comfort him by saying they don't mean it, but he says they do. However, Paige examines the emails and realizes that Owen boasts quite a lot about Central Park's greatness.

Helen watches him clean the floors for Bitsy and says she's sorry he's resigned. He claims that Bitsy has resigned because to the slippery floors. He claims that he's had hard feelings towards Bitsy and that he did it on purpose.

Owen is about to see the guys for the first time and Paige has uncovered a few talking points to approach them with. The guys are all excited to see him and Paige gets them all to sit together. While sitting there, Paige feeds him notes and talking points.

Helen is still lying on the floor, unable to get up. She hears the elevator go off and knows it is Bitsy. She tells Bitsy don't talk on the floor, and of course, Bitsy marches to the beat of her drum, leading Helen to fall on the floor next to Helen.

Abby's job hunt has reached a halt as she is turned down by one company after another, leading her to sing a song about her special abilities. They were eventually kicked out of the latest establishment.

The conclusion

Paige continues to send notes to him, and it works. But someone falls in love with Owen, and he begins to stutter. The guys finally break down and feel bad because he is interested in the things they love. So one of the guys offers to pay him a drink at the bar. Owen arrives at the bar where they signed him up to ride a bull (he mentioned earlier that he was a bull rider).

Helen and Bitsy are still stuck, but Helen proposes to send Bitsy down the hall to Helen's bathroom to rescue them. It works, and Helen tells Bitsy to call for help, but first, she wants to fire him.

Then, when Owen decides to ride the bull, he explains that he overheard him talking about him, which led to all of these things, but the real winner was letting them know that he needs their signature for Central Park. This leads to a country-music style song about how hard he works at Central Park.

After seeing their old friend Owen come out through the song, the guys agree to sign the paperwork. Then the kids return home with Abby, who had given up on pursuing a job until they were employed at a restaurant, and some stopped opening the door for her to demonstrate her waitressing abilities, leading to her getting a job.

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