The New Weird West Aiming System Has gotten Me Back Into Playing The Game Again

The New Weird West Aiming System Has gotten Me Back Into Playing The Game Again ...

The 1.04 update for WolfEye Studios' immersive sim action game Weird West was released last week. Along with the Ironman Mode-style Nimpossible mode, the update adds a new experimental aiming system that, for me, works so well that it got me playing the game again during the game's launch week.

Weird West is played from the top-down perspective, with default aiming system controls like a twin-stick shooter. Your character will be facing in the direction of where you point the correct analog stick in the most gruesome of fights.

Imagine not being able to hit your shots, and there can be dangers and explosives at play. And friendly fire is on. In true immersive sim fashion, you can just relish the chaos and sloppily survive gunfights, companions' survival being damned.

Certains may find the controls to be a challenge, including people like me, and this kind of fear is what prompted me to completely abandon this game and move on to other titles.

The new experimental control might be suitable for those people, particularly those who are new to photography. The way the new aiming works is that you'll always be pointing straight up from the screen's center. This way, you'll always be able to track where your character is on the map.

It's still not perfect, hence the experimental label for this new aiming technique. For one, it only works if you don't invert your y-axis. Moving up and down the right analog stick when aiming a stick of dynamite (and any sort of grenade) moves the reticule, but also automatically tilts the camera to give you an accurate view of where you're aiming them.

However, the camera tilt does not work when the y-axis is inverted, so you'll be lobbing dynamites with poor visibility. This oversight, of not having all of the camera systems reverse the y-axis despite toggling it in the options, is something I hope will be addressed.

If You find Weird West's goal to be a bit hard and have dropped the game, this is the time to get back on track and see if it works for you right now. The switch from the usual first-person perspective to a top-down ARPG-style viewpoint will take some getting used to.

And for those who have completed the game and wanted a new challenge such as permadeath and no save-scumming required with every respawn, the Nimpossible mode sounds like a treat.

The patch notes for the 1.04 update can be seen here.

Weird West is now available on PS4, PC (Steam, Microsoft Store) and Xbox One, and is also available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

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