Fans of Harry Styles clash over a bizarre souvenir

Fans of Harry Styles clash over a bizarre souvenir ...

Harry Styles completed his historic 15-night run at Madison Square Garden in New York with a stunning final-night blowout. However, the internet is busy with information about a bizarre fight that took place during the concert.

A video of two ladies arguing about an odd item during a Harry Styles concert went viral, splitting the internet in two. At the end of the Love on Tour performance, the ladies were caught on video bickering over a wooden drumstick, according to NewYorkPost.

The drumstick was thrown into the audience at the end of the concert. Without a doubt, Sarah Jones, Styles' outstanding drummer, owned it. In the video, a woman can be seen grasping the stick with two hands while grinning. The other holds it with one hand, pleading for the stick and declaring that she was the first to do so.

Avelino Pombo's 10-second video has been viewed more than 7.6 million times on TikTok users attempting to guess who had the stick first. You may see the video here.

Valentina Veseli is known on the internet as "the short pixie hair girl" and "the blue shirt girl." She answered the question about who she is in a response to the video.

Valentina made the comment. Those who were on the "team short pixie hair girl" felt victorious and relieved as a result. Other TikTok users claimed to have seen the other woman holding the drumstick at the train station.

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