What Has Happened to Barbara Mackle Kidnapping? Is Ruth Eisemann-Schier still alive?

What Has Happened to Barbara Mackle Kidnapping? Is Ruth Eisemann-Schier still alive? ...

'A Crime to Remember: Coffin for Christmas,' a documentary on Investigation Discovery, follows heiress Barbara Mackle's horrific story that she was kidnapped in December 1968. She was kept alive for nearly three months before being discovered by FBI officers. The episode also reveals the suspects in the crime's current location.

Barbara Mackle's Kidnap: Why Was She Kidnapped?

Barbara Jane Mackle is the daughter of a millionaire entrepreneur and co-owner of a large, publicly traded company named Deltona Corporation, Robert Mackle, and Jane Mackle in Florida. During the summer semester exams, there was an outbreak of the Hong Kong flu among the Emory students, too. Jane traveled to Georgia to take care of her daughter.

Barbara and Jane rented a room at the Rodeway Inn in Decatur, near campus, after her daughter was fully recovered. They claimed that Barbara's boyfriend, Stewart Hunt Woodward, had been involved in a car accident before the safety chain was removed. The fake officers stabbed Jane with chloroform.

Jane was tied up and gagged when she recovered consciousness. She managed to get to the motel, where she was freed, and she alerted law enforcement. Robert also immediately flew to Atlanta, instructing trustworthy employees to stay alert in the event the kidnappers get in touch.

Barbara Mackle was kidnapped by who?

Barbara was kidnapped by Gary Stephen (or Steven) Krist) and Ruth Eisemann-Schier in a small town called Berkeley Lake in Georgia, about 25 miles northeast of Atlanta. It already had a 7x3x 3 1/2 feet customized wooden box, lined with fiberglass cloth, in a hole in the ground. It had basic amenities like a blanket, drinking water, a fan, and a small pump to keep water out.

Barbara was placed in a cardboard box, opened the lid, and was buried about 2 feet below the ground. The kidnappers had also sent a ransom note to the Mackle family, demanding $500,000 in $20 bills and directing them to advertise in a local paper if they accept the terms.

Despite the kidnappers' attempts, the investigators found a Volvo registered under George Deacon, and obtained identifications and photographs of Gary and Ruth. Meanwhile, the Mackles placed another advert in the paper to convince the kidnappers that they were not involved in the kidnapping. They were soon approached by the kidnappers through local priests.

The kidnappers promised to disclose Barbara's location as soon as they received the ransom, but this time the FBI was aware of their identities by the time the kidnappers received the dropoff and paid the ransom on December 19, 1968.

What has happened to Gary Krist?

Gary Krist informed the FBI headquarters about Barbara's burial on December 20, 1968. They contacted the Mackle family immediately, dug her up, and rescued her. She suffered little damage except for dehydration and weight loss.

Gary tried to hide in South Florida by purchasing a boat and speeding west toward the Mexican Gulf. However, the boat owner became suspicious when he was paid all $20 bills and informed the authorities. A helicopter was soon used in the investigation. Gary tried to flee on foot after getting off on Hog Island but was soon apprehended on March 5, 1969.

Gary obtained a pardon that enabled him to enter medical school in Grenada and Dominica. He was reportedly very intelligent and earned a medical degree. However, Alabama denied him a license until December 2001, when he received one from the Indiana Medical Licensing Board.

Gary was a general practitioner in Chrisney, Indiana, but his license was revoked in 2003 on grounds of concealing disciplinary actions taken while he was a resident doctor. In March 2006, Georgia police discovered an underground cocaine lab in his shed. In January 2007, Gary was sentenced to more than a five-year prison term for smuggling drugs.

Gary was sentenced to prison at the Marianna Federal Correctional Institute in Florida just before Thanksgiving 2011 and received parole just before November 22, 2015. He remained in the town of Mobile in Southern Alabama until November 22, 2015. As per the last known records, Gary lived in Auburn, Georgia, in 2016.

Is Ruth Eisemann-Schier still alive?

Ruth Eisemann-Schier had the dubious distinction of being the first woman to be named on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List. She was kidnapped on March 5, 1969, in Norman, Oklahoma. She was sentenced to seven years in prison only, and she was sent to her native country, Honduras, in 2016. According to her social media profile, Ruth is probably 79 or 80 years old.

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