As she navigates Gerard Piqu's split, Shakira is focusing on music and her sons

As she navigates Gerard Piqu's split, Shakira is focusing on music and her sons ...

Shakira surprised her fans when she revealed in June that she and Gerard Piqué, 35, had decided to break up after an 11-year relationship. In a recent interview with Elle magazine, the 45-year-old singer admitted that the conclusion of their fairytale romance "was one of my most difficult, darkest days of my life."

Shakira is doing exceptionally well, given all she's going through, according to the source. "No one would blame her if she wanted to put everything on hold, but she does it the right way, and she doesn't want to waste time worrying about the past. She's determined not to let anyone see her sad, right now everything she does is about making the transition as painless as possible."

Shakira said she's been working on new music since she found comfort in doing it. She added that she's "thrilled" by the idea of releasing it to her followers shortly. A second source said the recording process has been "therapeutic" for her.

Why did Shakira decide to open up about her traumatic separation from Gerard? According to a second source, "Shakira decided it was time to speak her own truth rather than have others assume what she is going through."

Shakira talked about how difficult the separation has been for her two sons. The insider told us that Shakira is taking the high road when it comes to letting the boys see their father as much, and as often, as possible during the holidays. “They don't have a formal custody arrangement in place, but Shakira would never keep her kids from their father because she understands how important that relationship is.

HollywoodLife has reached out to Shakira's representatives, who have not yet commented.

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