Lenovo commemorates 30 years of ThinkSystems with innovations in infrastructure and services

Lenovo commemorates 30 years of ThinkSystems with innovations in infrastructure and services ...

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Portfolio Version 3 includes the latest generation of servers and storage systems ThinkSystem, ThinkAgile, and ThinkEdge, as well as enhanced ThinkShield Security capabilities, which enhance technology resiliency.

Lenovo System Guard, a program that guarantees enhanced hardware monitoring, provides greater security between manufacturing, delivery, and commissioning. Customers benefit from a greater ability to prevent, detect, and recover from cyberattacks and breaches thanks to a Lenovo Modular Root of Trust feature.

Lenovo has also announced the XClarity One platform as well as several improvements in Lenovo ThinkAgile V3.

XClarity One is a cloud software management platform that combines TruScale infrastructure as a service (IaaS), management as a service, and Smarter Support analytics in a unified portal to which the customer has access. It has an interface designed to be intuitive, and with which technology orchestration, implementation, automation, billing, and support are simplified, from the edge to the cloud.

Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure as a Service is a pay-as-you-go approach that allows customers to see real-time cost-per-use data. Whether in public clouds, private clouds, or multi-cloud environments, clients may also configure where management data will be located.

The New Lenovo ThinkAgile 3 Hyperconverged Solutions have been pre-integrated with an open ecosystem of partners, including software capabilities from Microsoft, Nutanix, and VMware. They are available via the TruScale infrastructure as a service.

Three new Lenovo Azure solutions: Insights, backup, and recovery using SQL for AI and machine learning, and Azure Virtual Desktop

Improved edge automation capabilities make it simple to make data-driven decisions and apply them at the speed of business. Thus, the new Lenovo Open Cloud Automation, the 2.5is responsible for securely authenticating and activating the main ThinkEdge Artificial Intelligence servers via a telephone.

On the other hand, the new TruScale high-performance computing Xtra Rack is a flexible on-premises solution that addresses the need to maximize HPC cluster resources and control shared access, while also delivering business or enterprise insights faster, thanks to elastic computing resources delivered as a service.

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