Is Leya a success in Season 2 of Snabba Cash?

Is Leya a success in Season 2 of Snabba Cash? ...

This article contains significant spoilers for the Snabba Cash Season 2 conclusion. You may read our spoiler-free review by clicking on these words.

Snabba Cash is a bit jarring in its second season, touching on many of the same topics and ideas as the first, as the characters continue to make very similar mistakes (most of them related to financial management). It's also a bit too technical, with a wonky screenplay stretched to uneven proportions by a slow pace and misplaced focus.

Season 2 of Snabba Cash is coming to an end.

Leya is doing quite well for herself, at least financially. She's still somewhat haunted by the things she had to be privy to in order to get to this destination, including Salim's death and Tim's taking the fall for it. Her guilt and trauma are beginning to take hold, and Tomas isn't helping him with his wishy-washy attitude.

Ravy's life is going to be even worse. His girlfriend is expecting, but he's never going to be able to reclaim his old life. He needs to get back in the game, especially since a new adversary, Zaki, who has seen Top Boy, is planning to build an empire.

Leya is caught up in all of this once more because she needs cash flow to cover up one of Tomas' mistakes concerning an illegal transaction code, so she offers to be a middleman in one of Markos's transactions. However, because it benefits them to get Zaki out, Nala and Osman agree to assist Leya.

Ravy leaves the field out of both anger and necessity, despite Leya's presence and sense of guilt.

There's a clear point here: that getting everything you want doesn't necessarily guarantee a happy ending. Leya achieves her goal with TargetCoach, and this should, in theory, mean that she can get rid of the dangerous past she had previously lived in. He continues to tell her that he knows who she is – about her connection with the same gangsters who committed the deaths of children. She's probably correct, considering she's barely aware of who she is herself.

Snabba Cash Season 2 can be found exclusively on Netflix. Do you have any thoughts on the Snabba Cash Season 2 finale? Let us know in the comments.

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