Season 2 of Snabba Cash is discussed is Leya successful?

Season 2 of Snabba Cash is discussed is Leya successful? ...

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Snabba Cash is a bit stuttering in its second season, touching on a lot of the same themes and ideas as the first season, mostly related to financial management. It's also a bit clunky, with a wonky screenplay stretched to uneven proportions by a slow pace and misplaced focus.

Season 2 of Snabba Cash is explained.

Leya is doing quite well for herself, at least financially. TargetCoach is set to be listed on the stock market. She's still moderately haunted by the things she's had to be privy to in order to get there, including Salim's death and Tim's taking the fall for it. The guilt and trauma are beginning to get the better of her, and Tomas isn't helping with his wishy-washy attitude.

Ravy's situation is getting worse. His girlfriend is pregnant, but he's never going to be able to reclaim his old life. But he needs to get back in the game, particularly since a new adversary, Zaki, is attempting to take Ravy's Dushane's job in a prison. So, all in all, not a great marriage.

Leya becomes embroiled in all this again because she need cash flow to cover up one of Tomas's frauds related to an illegal transaction code, so she offers to be a mediator in one of Markos's transactions. However, Nala and Osman agree to assist Leya because they're losing faith in Ravy, who wants to move straight, find a relationship with Sami.

Ravy bites the dust out of both revenge and necessity, despite Nala's help, though the act doesn't come easily due to her lingering sense of trauma and responsibility for what happened to Salim.

Jamal, a nice-hearted guy who had a long-running connection with Leya, tells her that he knows nothing about her at the end of the season, and she's probably correct. She still has to live with what she saw and did and what she was responsible for.

Snabba Cash Season 2 is now available on Netflix exclusively. Do you have any thoughts on the Snabba Cash Season 2 ending? Let us know in the comments.

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