More Trouble Opens in Black Summoner Episode 12! Release Date & Plot

More Trouble Opens in Black Summoner Episode 12! Release Date & Plot ...

In the final episode, all of the heroes appeared to be in serious trouble. However, things will certainly come to an end in Black Summoner Episode 12. The episode's title and preview are not yet available in the public domain.

Fans will learn if the heroes have any chance of gaining the upper hand over General Kavil in this storyline. Due to this being the final episode of the show, more trouble will surely occur in this episode very shortly.

What Will Happen Next in Black Summoner Episode 12?

The final title and preview of the next episode are yet to be seen by fans. Due to the revelation in favor of Lumil, Efil was almost saved from death. And Rion became the hero of the battles by killing the Gigant. However, General Clive remains alive. There is no way that one hero can defeat him.

The only way to save the village is to form an alliance that might work under a strategy to defeat him. Black Summoner Episode 12 is expected to be an action-packed adventure. Starting with a battle sequence, we can expect to know whether or not the conflict will continue in the final few episodes of the anime.

Recap of the previous episode!

The title of Black Summoner Episode 11 was "Rank S Promotion Exam." Leo went to Kelvin to inform him that aggression was increasing against the Gawn Kingdom. On the same day, Kelvin was sent on an exam to kill an S Rank monster under the Beast King. On the other side, Elven Chief Nelras assumed that Efil was his daughter. However, she offered herself to the dragon so that the village might be saved.

Many did not realize that he was a sacrifice when he was found dead. The last act of the chapter saw an attack by the giant monster known as Gigant Lord. But Rion was able to defeat the monster there and there. The chapter came to an end with Efil almost getting killed at the hands of General Clive.

Release Dates for Black Summoner Episode 12

The latest episode of Black Summoner is released without a final update, according to fans. The last episode of the series will be released on September 25, 2022 only, so keep an eye on List23 for all the latest information.

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