Second Life Ranker Chapter 134: Dinosaur's Main Body! Release Date & More!

Second Life Ranker Chapter 134: Dinosaur's Main Body! Release Date & More! ...

The second Life Ranker Chapter 134 will be a battle with Cerastopian's main body. The previous chapter revealed the true nature of the Gluttonous emperor. Moreover, it appears that the emperor is calling Cain to locate the Human Dragon Sesha. This emperor killed Yeong Woo because he had never tasted the meat of Dragon. So the emperor killed Yeong to obtain the taste of Dragon meat.

The next chapter will focus on Cain's skills while battling the Ceratopsian dragon. So there will be instances when the fight sequences will dominate the manhwa. Moreover, the prince and princess of the One-horned tribe are fighting the demons to gain control of the other five dragon's hearts, but the motive behind the Gluttonous Emperor's summon is still a secret!

Chapter 134 of Second Life Ranker: The Dinosaur's Main Body!

Cain has entered the main body of the Ceratopsian Dinosaur, and he might even complete it completely. However, it will not be so easy. The fact that the dinosaur regenerates its body as soon as it recognizes that its heart is still not there is an understatement.

Cain may wish to vanquish the dragon's main consciousness forever in order to completely eradicate it. However, there are chances that outside agencies might interfere in the pursuit of Sesha. She is being used by them as a means to rescue her.

What Was Happened In The Previous Chapter?

The 133rd chapter of Second Life Ranker began with the meeting of the emperor's officials with the leader of the One-horned tribe. However, the officials' leader figured out with the nine snake eye that the hoarder was Hyung Cain. So Hyung went right onto the business. Then the official revealed that the emperor was deeply interested in Hyung. Therefore, he was there to deliver Cain to the emperor.

Hyung realized that the authorities were behind Sesha from the start. He requested that they allow him to hunt down the Ceratopsin dinosaur first. All of Cain's colleagues went into the Dinosaur consciousness to collect the four hearts as he already had one. However, he did nothing with his heart.

Release Date for Second Life Ranker Chapter 134

Second Life Ranker Chapter 134 will be released on September 24, 2022. Since its initial run, the manhwa's stunning visuals have dominated the series. Moreover, the narrative becomes engaging as it progresses to the end. Keep following List23 for further updates on the manhwa!

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