Season 2 of Snabba Cash is a dreadful retread of the same ideas

Season 2 of Snabba Cash is a dreadful retread of the same ideas ...

This review of Netflix's Snabba Cash Season 2 is without spoilers.

Snabba Cash, a Netflix sequel, was a solid entry into the overcrowded crime genre, adapting well-known source material and giving a welcomely unique twist on played-out tropes. It lasted six episodes, which for the time seemed to be excessive, but reached a conclusion that left fans wanting more.

Now they have more — and they may have spoken too soon. This second season, which runs for another six episodes, feels very much like a remake of the first, bogging down the pacing with reiterative subplots and character beats, and seeing the same characters make the same mistakes again and again becomes tiresome very quickly.

With things picking up with seemingly no lessons being learned in the interim, everyone is undoing themselves once more, and actions continue to have consequences that at this point should be expected. With Leya, who is clearly wielding the shovel that's digging her grave, things feel more like a redo than a sequel.

The thrills in this so-called thriller have been discarded, sinking instead into a glacial drama with barely an end in sight. The lack of a relatable anchor isn't a death knell for fiction, although people keep insisting it is. Other elements of the production need to pick up the slack. They don't here.

Perhaps this doesn't sound true because the show is steadfast about characterizing in terms of what the players don't have or need, rather than who they are or what their true values are. There's an undeniable cultural attraction to the drug industry that is unaddressed here, with not even a tokenistic acknowledgment of how pop culture's glorification of illegality makes it appealing to the youth.

As a result, the entire film feels empty, like it's churning through genre motions for the sake of it, with little idea of how to make the well-worn territory more appealing to reread. The writing is inconsistent, and stylistic flaws are picked up and dropped on a whim, without having fulfilled any purpose in their use.

Snabba Cash Season 2 is now available on Netflix exclusively.

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