EA Sports Has Released NHL 23 Player Ratings

EA Sports Has Released NHL 23 Player Ratings ...

The NHL 23 player ratings have been released by EA Sports today, with Edmonton Oilers Center Connor McDavid taking the top spot with 95 overall. As you can see in the images below, the top ratings for all positions are available for you to see, but here's what to look at for a quick look:

Before the player ratings were released, we recently compile a ton of information about NHL 23, including some new features:

  • 500 new Last Chance Puck Movement gameplay animations – NHL 23 will feature hundreds of animations for when play unfolds after various levels of contact occur, such as passing after a tumble to desperation shots from the ice. Not only will you be able to take advantage of these new opportunities when in control, you’ll also be able to go for a loose puck by double-tapping pass or shoot to make impressive plays or clearing the puck when all hope seems lost.
  • Enhanced Goalie AI – Goalie’s have more animations throughout play, and taking advantage of the Last Chance Puck Movements, there’ll be more than 50 new Human Desperation Save Groups, equalling over 50 new save animations.
  • Intuitive crowd reactions – Depending on how the action is unfolding on the ice, fans will become more louder or quieter with how their team is performing. They’ll become louder in the dying moments, react to various goals depending on when they’re scored, and more. You might even see hundreds of hats fly onto the ice if you hit that all-important goal in the dying seconds.
  • New levels of immersion – Thanks to Frostbite, there’ll be new Overtime winner, Hat Trick, and Shootout celebrations to hype you up, highlighting the power of this year’s visuals.

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