Stick Drift Could Be Caused by a New DualSense Firmware Update

Stick Drift Could Be Caused by a New DualSense Firmware Update ...

Several PS5 users are experiencing stick drift issues as a result of a new firmware update for the DualSense controller.

After installing firmware update 0307 on your PC, several users on Reddit have reported that their Dualsense controllers started to behave abnormally, displaying signs of stick drift while playing games.

One such user claims that their controller was working as intended and never had any problems until they updated it to firmware 0307. From then onward, they experienced stick drift on the left analog stick, and they tried resetting the controller as well as deleting the Bluetooth connection and reconnecting to no avail.

Another affected user claims to have already completed a gaming session when they decided to upgrade their DualSense controller. The controller began to show signs of deviating in the top-left direction and occasionally in the downward direction, although they believe it's much more likely that the firmware upgrade itself caused the issue.

On the other hand, there are others who have upgraded their DualSense controllers to firmware version 0307 and yet to experience stick drift problems. The situation is rather unusual, although it's probably advised to keep updating the controller's previous version if the only option is via PC.

The DualSense is the PlayStation 5's controller and was unveiled on April 7, 2020. It is based on the DualShock 4 controller that preceded it, but with an alteration to its design and capabilities inspired by discussions with game designers and players.

DualSense's palm grips include voice coil actuators that support vibrotactile haptic, and two DC rotary motors provide force feedback for the Adaptive Triggers, which enable the hand grip to receive varied and intuitive feedback on in-game actions.

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