Shakira Talks About Her Difficult Breakup With Gerard Piqu And A Tax Fraud Lawsuit In Spain

Shakira Talks About Her Difficult Breakup With Gerard Piqu And A Tax Fraud Lawsuit In Spain ...

Shakira is speaking out about her recent separation from Gerard Piqué and how music has aided her in overcoming "her darkest hour" and being the best mother she can be for her children.

The 45-year-old Colombian singer talked to Elle about her difficult split from Spanish soccer player, announced in June, and the resulting custody dispute for the couple's two sons, Milan, 9 and Sasha, 7. While creating new music has been an essential part of Shakira's healing journey, she is most concerned about her boys' health.

“Music, in my opinion, is a life raft. Some days, I had to remove the things from my body. The only way to do this has been through music.” She said that she used to dread going to work because I wanted to be there for my kids. And then, I had to get up, record a video, and fulfill my obligations.”

The fact that she has invested herself in her craft has provided a good distraction from the negative press surrounding her relationship's conclusion. However, keeping her children safe from chaos is an additional challenge.

“It’s been challenging not only for me but also for my children. Extremely difficult. I have photographers parked out in front of my house 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can't go for a walk in the park like any other family, get ice cream, or do anything else without being followed by the paparazzi,” Shakira said.

Because cameras have harmed their daily lives, she claims the local press in Spain, where she resides in Barcelona, has become "intrusive for my children."

They do not deserve to be questioned or accompanied by paparazzi at all times, and they are entitled to regular living. “Everybody is guessing about all of these things about our, and more crucially, our children's, lives, and a lot of it isn't even true,” she said.

"It's incredibly frustrating for two kids who are trying to reconcile their parents' split," she said. Sometimes I just feel like I'm having a bad dream and will wake up at some point, but no, it's true."

Although maintaining her own mental health has been challenging, it is the importance she places on her children that eventually gets Shakira through.

"It's a matter of reminding myself that I need to be what my children are capable of, and what I want them to become," she said, adding that she wants to be there for all of the people who have given her love and support. "That's my most powerful engine right now."

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