To make game creation more accessible, Crey Games has teamed up with Overwolfs Tebex

To make game creation more accessible, Crey Games has teamed up with Overwolfs Tebex ...

Crey Games has teamed up with Overwolf's Tebex division to create an accessible and non-technical game development platform.

Overwolf, a creator of user-generated content, has recently acquired Tebex, a company that helps pay for games and private game servers. (Overwolf's CEO Uri Marchand will speak about UGC during the GamesBeat Summit Next 2022 event on October 25-26 in San Francisco).

Crey's game designers will be able to purchase and spend the platform's currency via a Tebex-powered web store, while game creators will be compensated for their work via in-game purchases. The first title to incorporate this functionality is Time Travellin' Zombies, an action multiplayer cooperative game.

Crey Games exists to empower game designers to create, play, and monetize games without the need to learn to code. Its purpose is to alleviate the challenges that user-generated games face in terms of design, distribution, and funding. With over one million installs to date, Crey offers creatives of all backgrounds an opportunity to create engaging and enjoyable experiences within minutes.

In a statement, Terbex has developed an exceptional end-to-end service that will add an enormous amount of value to our users and help us make UGC game development more fair, transparent, and accessible for game creators. "We're really excited about this partnership, which is just the beginning when it comes to providing exceptional benefits to CREY Games, Overwolf, and Tebex' users."

Tebex assists game studios in monetizing their UGC communities, which includes everything from processing worldwide payments to processing creator payouts. Since its inception, Tebex has processed over $500 million across its monetization platform.

"Crey is leveling the playing field when it comes to game development, and it is empowering a new generation of artists to create and publish games more easily than ever before," said Lee McNeil, Overwolf's director of product.

Crey Games was founded back in 2016 with the belief that the future belongs to the creative and collaborative. With offices in Copenhagen and Budapest, Crey is focused on delivering a fun, social, and highly customizable game platform.

Tebex, purchased by Overwolf for $29 million in March, is a payment and checkout platform for the gaming industry. It includes tools such as payment acceptance, fraud, chargebacks, sales tax, compliance, and more.

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