What Has Happened to Koneracks Brother Somsack Sinthasomphone?

What Has Happened to Koneracks Brother Somsack Sinthasomphone? ...

The 'Monster: Jeffrey Dahmer Story' chronicles how Jeffrey Dahmer drilled a hole in the victim's skull and injected hydrochloric acid inside. Back in 1988, Jeffrey dahmer tortured and sexually assaulted Konerack's brother, Somsack Sinthasomphone.

Who Is Somsack Sinthasomphone?

Somsack Sinthasomphone and his brother, Konerack, grew up in a close-knit family who had immigrated to the United States from Laos. Both were responsible teenagers who were determined to make a name for themselves. In September 1988, Somsack was just 13 years old when he met Jeffrey Dahmer for the first time.

Jeffrey attempted to persuade the youngster to visit his house in exchange for his time, which swayed the boy towards returning the serial killer to his apartment. Rather, he drugged and sexually assaulted the kid until the 13-year-old was able to escape Jeffrey's clutches and flee the house.

Jeffrey was apprehended on September 27, 1988 by law enforcement officials. Eventually, in January 1989, Jeffrey admitted to second-degree sexual assault as well as tempting a child for immoral reasons, which resulted in him being sentenced to one year in prison with work release and five years of probation in May of the same year.

What Has Happened to Somsack Sinthasomphone?

Somsack returned to his family after the death of Jeffrey Dahmer, who was declared one of his victims by the family of Konerak. Additionally, the estate of Sinthasomphone and the family filed a lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department as well as the City of Milwaukee, alleging them of not upholding their constitutional rights. However, from the looks of it, Somsack Sinthasomphone is married and still lives in Wisconsin with his wife.

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