The Developer Channel for Windows 11 build 25206 has released

The Developer Channel for Windows 11 build 25206 has released ...

Microsoft is now releasing Windows 11 build 25206 for Windows Insider Program devices. This update does not include new features, but rather several improvements and changes for existing features.

According to the announcement, Build 25206 for Windows 11 improves rate limiter behavior for SMB authentication, adds Dynamic Refresh Rate (DRR) support for external displays, the new "Open With" dialog box is now available broadly, and more.

Even if the official ISO file isn't available, you can still download the latest image for build 25206 using the UUP Dump tool.

25206 is the latest version of Windows 11.

Here are some new features and improvements for the latest Windows 11 release in the Developer Channel:

The SMB authentication rate limiter provides a (2000ms) delay between each failed NTLM authentication, which adds an additional protection mechanism to the SMB server service, making a Windows client a difficult target either when in a workgroup or for its local accounts when joined to a domain.

In this flight, the new "Open with" dialog box returns for everyone with a new interface that corresponds with the new design language. Microsoft has also made it easier to update your default app with just one click.

In Details View, File Explorer Home will display most recent file activity for cloud files.

Windows 11 supports Dynamic Refresh Rate to external monitors on build 25206. However, it only works with displays that have 120 or more Hz Variable Refresh Rate (VRR). You also need to have the WDDM 3.1 driver installed.

Microsoft has also implemented a feature to enable the use of clipboard history (Windows key + V) in password fields as part of the input changes.

Fixes to Build 25206

This flight includes several changes to File Explorer, Taskbar, and Settings.

There are a number of known issues with File Explorer, Widgets, printing, and more in this release.

Microsoft offers updates for the Camera and Microsoft Store apps. The camera app recognises the state of the privacy shutter on supported hardware. For example, If the shutter is blocking the view or the laptop lid is closed, the Camera app will notify you and provide guidance.

The Microsoft Store app now has the ability to see screenshots in search results to help improve your browsing experience, and it's now possible to install games directly from the Store.

Build 25206 is now available.

If you want to download and install Windows 11 build 25206, register your device in the Dev Channel by selecting the "Windows Insider Program" option in the "Update & Security" section.

If you are new to the Windows Insider Program, you may download build 25206 from the "Windows Update" options by clicking the Check for Updates button.

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