Pixel Buds Pro is getting new updates

Pixel Buds Pro is getting new updates ...

Google's Pixel Buds Pro come with some nice improvements to sound quality as well as hardware and software features, made possible by some clever engineering from the company. As such, it appears that the earbuds will soon receive some additional improvements.

According to reports from 9to5Google, Google intends to improve the earbuds by introducing a five-band equalizer and volume balancing. A new update for the Pixel Buds app was discovered via Google Play, which includes a five-band equalizer as well as seven presets for "Heavy Bass," "Light Bass," and "Vocal Boost."

Further research of the.apk shows that the app will soon include a volume-balance slider, which will allow users to play music/movies at various volumes for each hearing.

The Pixel buds Pro were introduced back in July alongside the Google Pixel 6a. These include new software enhancements like Google's new "Silent Seal" technology, 11mm drivers, and up to 31 hours of battery life, among others.

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