Who is Saman Kunan, the Thai Cave Rescue?

Who is Saman Kunan, the Thai Cave Rescue? ...

The title of this article, "Who is Saman Kunan," contains significant spoilers about the Thai Cave Rescue episode on Netflix.

There are some tragic scenes in Thai Cave Rescue's true story. It's as we're witnessing events that actually happened, it really hit you in the heart. But none of the stories featured in Thai Cave Rescue is more devastating than that of Saman Kunan.

Although lives are at risk for much of the series, we only witness the death of Saman in the six episodes. And for that reason, it is very probable that the character will have significant impacts on the audience.

Who is Saman Kunan, from Thai Cave Rescue?

Saman was a 37-year-old former Royal Thai Navy SEAL who died tragically in an attempt to rescue the trapped boys. Whilst the series states that Saman died of unknown causes. However, a google search will state that he died of asphyxiation. This is a devastating case. Even if his family watches the series, it will be difficult to watch for them.

Saman is introduced to the story after receiving calls regarding the Wild Boars and their coach Eak. In that phone call, Saman gets asked if he can assist them. Throughout his time on the cave site, he regularly calls his wife Meow.

Saman receives three air tanks from the trapped footballers during his final assignment. During his swim back, tragedy strikes. He falls into some difficulty and loses consciousness. Despite efforts from the rescue team, Saman cannot be recovered. It has devastating consequences.

However, Saman isn't the only person to die during the rescue operation. Although it isn't covered in the series, there was a fatality a year after the boys were rescued from the cave. Beirut Pakbara, a Thai Navy SEAL, died due to a blood infection while on the rescue mission.

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