Once Upon a Small Town Season 1, episode 9 recap a similarly brisk episode

Once Upon a Small Town Season 1, episode 9 recap a similarly brisk episode ...

Once Upon a Small Town, a Netflix K-Drama series, is recapped in this episode 9.

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Once Upon a Small Town's dynamics have slightly changed. Ji-yul has his own choice about who he will marry, all while Sang-hyeon is still hanging over his Ja-young statements, but episode nine provided a solid foundation for the final week of programming.

Season 1, episode 9 of Once Upon a Small Town: A recap

Ji-yul ends up bottling his confession, leaving the vet too flustered to chat. Sang-hyeon replies that Min is Ji-yul's ex girlfriend, and sends the vet on his way so that he may continue talking with Ja-young.

Ja-young is invited to meet Min while trying to befriend the police officer, and wants to rekindle Ji-yul. Despite her apparent discomfort, Ja-young replies that she would never want to give up her vet boyfriend.

Ji-yul regrets interrupting Ja-young's walk, despite his difficulties keeping him awake at night. At the same time, Sang-hyeon stares at the earrings he was meant to give his love interest, equally disappointed by what transpired.

Min and Ja-young meet up for a coffee while Sang-hyeon praises his crush for how beautiful she is, and comments that Ja-young appears to have become friends with Min. “I think she's a nice person,,” the police officer replies, promising that she'll get what she wants out of her romantic pursuits.

Seon-dong accidentally puts his foot in his mouth outside the hospital, openly expressing to Min that he did not think she would be Ji-yul's girlfriend because the vet always looks at Ja-young instead, which only increases the inflation. While Ja-young is teased by her coworkers, she is asked why this sudden change has occurred.

Ji-yul is interrupted by both a coffee-bearing Min and a soiled Yun-hyeong in the midst of his worries about Ja-young's sudden makeup application. Then, Yeong-suk appears with news that the calf mentioned a while ago is still unable to suckle and is severely dehydrated. There's also a goat with a hernia that needs attention, meaning that Yun-hyeong must be enlisted

Ja-young stops off at Mr. Han's barn after discovering that the calf will not suckle. However, the police officer soon discovers herself embarrassed by the sight of Ji-yul fluidly working alongside Min to correct the problem, before her worries turn to embarrassment when the vet notices her smudged makeup. So, Ja-young quickly leaves without a word.

When Ja-young meets Min again, it's established that Ji-yul and his ex knew each other through work. Then, the police officer gets a call regarding a task that needs doing, one that requires a helping hand. Ji-yul offers to assist, making Min feel down (she already seemed depressed when her previous partner offered up a towel to Ja-young), but all three soon discover that they've fallen in love.

Min tries to calm the anxieties and asks about Sang-hyeon's customs, which aren't exactly pleasing to Ji-yul, who dreadfully listens to the stories of every school girl having a crush on the peach farmer, including Ja-young. Dabei, Ji-yul slips in a comment that perhaps the same labelling might apply to him and Ja-young due to their youth.

Min discusses the latter's childhood friendship with the Huidong visitor, who later gets summoned by the Women's Association for some taste testing, leaving Ji-yul alone with his former secret pal.

Ji-yul asks if she has given Sang-hyeon a response to his confession. When no answer is given, the police officer is bluntly informed that Ji-yul's ex is in the past. “I feel nothing towards Min. No lingering feelings or regrets,” the vet adds, admitting that he is letting his ex be out of his understanding of who she is. She is awaiting her to give up in her own time.

Ji-yul replies that he doesn't want to date Sang-hyeon because she knows him very well. Rather, he tries to decry the police officer's views on comfort by stating that love is "when your heart races so much you feel like it can't take it." As the conversation resumes, a snack-based interruption prevents confessional words from leaving the vet's mouth.

The end

Min visits Ji-yul in the storage shed, and notices his dejection. So, while Ja-young gets a corn delivery from Mal-geum, who is irritated by the vet's acknowledging her remarks about the police officer being without parents, Min gets ready to talk openly with her ex.

Min sneaks up to Ji-yul for a kiss, only to be shocked when she drops her box of corn at the end of the episode.

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