How to Setup eSim on an iPhone 14

How to Setup eSim on an iPhone 14 ...

How to Setup eSim on iPhone 14

Apple has supported eSIM since the iPhone Xs and XR, but this year it is taking a significant risk by eliminating the real SIM card area from all iPhone 14 models sold in the United States. Depending on the location, Apple may eventually eliminate the SIM space in other countries.

ESIM replaces the physical SIM that is inserted into the phone's hardware, allowing users to switch between SIMs easily. Additionally, users may also choose to use many SIM cards at the same time. The iPhone 14 will require up to eight SIM cards immediately.

  • To add a cell plan, go to Settings > Cell. On the other hand, the setting might be found under Settings > Versatile Information > Add eSIM, on the other hand.
  • To move the arrangement, several numbers will be seen in clear sight. You can physically select the option to “Move from Adjacent iPhone” or any other way. For everything to work, iOS 16 must be installed on both iPhones. 
  • You can go through this cycle with the aid of the old model’s instructions. On the more seasoned iPhone, enter the confirmation code that will be displayed on the new iPhone. 
  • Your transporter will send you a reminder to complete the arrangement once you transfer it to the more modern iPhone.

Support for QR codes

If your transporter provided you with a QR code, you may simply select "Use QR Code" when configuring the new iPhone or using the camera in some places, you can find the "Use QR Code" option under Settings > Portable Information > Add eSIM.

Changing over to the actual SIM

Some transporters might allow quick switching from an actual SIM to an electronic SIM without going to a store. You can do this by going to Settings > Cell, selecting Proselyte to eSIM, and then secretly tapping Convert to eSIM and waiting for it to start. While switching to eSIM, the majority of iPhone models should be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.

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