How Were The Wild Boars Resurrected in What Order?

How Were The Wild Boars Resurrected in What Order? ...

The purpose of 12 members of the junior Wild Boars soccer team to go to the Tham Luang karstic cave on June 23, 2018, was to stay for an hour. However, as reported on Netflix's 'Thai Cave Rescue,' they ended up staying for more than 17 days because they'd found themselves trapped inside due to such quick heavy rainfall that it'd flooded their exit path. So now, since we know all of them managed to escape successfully after an active recovery process lasting three days (July

The Order In Which The Wild Boars Were Rescued

When the issue was still ongoing in 2018, there were reports that medical lead/cave diver Dr. Richard "Harry" Harris helped choose which boy to rescue first, but this was not the case. The thirteen individuals who were actually at risk were given the opportunity to choose for themselves, especially because they were all relatively healthy. "Everyone was strong and no one was sick," assistant Coach Eak said during a press conference in late July.

Ekapol "Eak" Chanthawong, 25, said he had no clue their ordeal would attract international attention despite the foreign divers and Royal Navy SEALs continuing to communicate with them. After all, he told reporters, "We were thinking, when we get out of the cave, we would have to ride the bicycle home first... so that they may go out and tell everyone that we were inside, we were okay... We placed the hopes on them to tell the families we are coming out, to prepare food."

Because of the media frenzy, everyone tried their hardest to stick to this recovery system, so the first four boys to be released from the flooded cave on July 8, 2018, did ostensibly live further away. Yet the Netflix original clarifies they were 15-year-old Prachak "Note" Sutham, 14-year-old Nattawut "Tern/Tle" Takamrong, 15-year-old Phiphat "Nick" Phothi, and 13-

Assistant Coach Eak was the first person to be rescued on July 10 — the ninth individual overall. “[Eak] wanted to be the last person to leave, but it was not his call... and he was also sedated,” Irish cave diver/rescuer Jim Warny once revealed.

After the coach, 13-year-old Somphong "Pong" Jaiwong, 16-year-old Phonchai "Tee" Khamluang, and 11-year-old Chanin "Titan" Viboonrungruang were apparently taken out. It was therefore the very last Wild Boar to be recovered, and it was primarily due to a technical problem — a positive pressure full face mask in his size could not be discovered, making things dangerous.

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