What Was the Cause of the Death of Thai Cave Rescues?

What Was the Cause of the Death of Thai Cave Rescues? ...

Papangkorn Lerkchaleampote, better known as Beam, had an undeniable bright future ahead of him. Unfortunately, everything fell apart later this year when his sudden death came to an end, making Netflix's six-part limited series 'Thai Cave Rescue' his final ever officially completed project. It's just one of the many reasons he was honored with a credit reading, "For Beam 1996-2022," so now you have the opportunity to learn more.

Who Was Beam?

Papangkorn "Beam" Lerkchaleampote was reported to have been born into a supportive family in Bangkok, Thailand, on August 31, 1996. His first major role was actually the same year as the lead character of Muek in the LGBT romantic comedy 'Water Boyy,' following which he steadily progressed the ranks, mostly because to his training in taekwondo at the age of 6 to 14.

Beam was able to land a myriad of original Thai-based programs on Netflix, including 'Nong Mai Rai Borisut,' 'Sleepless Society,' 'Bang Rachan,' and 'Blue Wave,' among others. Then, of course, he managed to complete filming on his final, upcoming romantic comedy entitled 'Love Destiny 2.'

What Caused Beam's Death?

Beam was rushed to the hospital from his condo in Chatuchak in Bangkok, Thailand, on that fateful day, only to discover there was not a single breath left in his body. Several attempts were made to resuscitate the 25-year-old in the following moments, but to no avail — Beam was thus declared dead at the nearby Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital.

The Sudden Unexpected Death (SUD) phenomenon is suspected as the cause, and reports suggest that he passed peacefully away in his sleep. However, his loved ones requested an autopsy just to be certain, thus he issued a statement promising to provide additional updates if any. Therefore, because he was otherwise healthy and happy, it seems as if he died of completely natural, unexpected causes.

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