Altia is a trusted partner of National Heritage for its digitization effort

Altia is a trusted partner of National Heritage for its digitization effort ...

National Heritage, a public organization devoted to the preservation of historical structures linked to the Crown of Spain, continues to trust Altia in its digitization effort. In this case, for the project of dDevelopment and maintenance of your WECO file handlera platform used by more than a thousand users in different types of procedures for the next two years, which has a budget of 175,000 euros.

National Heritage, which is based on the Ministry of the Presidency, the Courts, and Democratic Memory, has relied on Altia since 2017 to advance its digital transformation process in various projects. One of them is the development and maintenance of WECO, its file processor, used by more than a thousand users in these five years in a wide range of procedures.

Some of them, related to Contracting or Human Resources, coexist with other specific ones, such as the Official Acts that take place in the Royal Palace of Madrid, or the Restoration files, which oversee the restoration of historic-artistic artefacts belonging to National Heritage. This project, which began in the area of Restoration, was later extended to other areas of action in which all users are involved.

"The enormous amount of procedures that WECO includes can give an idea of its enormous potential as a file processor, as well as its flexibility and ability to adapt to different kinds of procedures." says Nuria López, the head of the project on behalf of Altia. "In this project, we have a challenging task ahead of us to continue developing and strengthening this tool, the objective of which is, without doubt, to improve the internal functioning of the body by streamlining and facilitating its procedures.."

Altia has extensive experience with WECO, including the Second Digital Dividend (DD2), where a large quantity of files is processed in a short period of time and which, thanks to certain features, allows users to perform tasks on the files in a massive, controlled, and reliable way.

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