Ashley Russell is a fitness model. Adam Levine claims to have sent her flirty messages

Ashley Russell is a fitness model. Adam Levine claims to have sent her flirty messages ...

Ashley Russell, an Alabama college student, has reportedly come forward to accuse Maroon 5 vocalist Adam Levine of messaging her via Instagram earlier this year. The influencer said he started sending her messages earlier this year. Ashley Russell reportedly exposed the father-of-two after four different ladies shared their own experiences with the vocalist.

Adam Levine, who plays Michael Jackson on the Moves Like Jagger album, promised to follow Ashley Russell's Instagram stories and send her texts almost every day at night at around 10 pm. She added, He would mainly like booty stories and would always reply with something to do with a leg or booty day at the rec centre.

Adam Levine allegedly flirted with a fifth woman on social media, according to Ashley Russell, who has a fitness Instagram account with about 4,100 followers. He would read my posts every day around midnight, and she would even text me as soon as he got home, according to Ashley Russell. He was only 20 at the time.

Ashley Russell claims that during a series of screenshots showing Adam Levine, 43, and Russell's alleged discussions, he wrote her, 'Leg day The most significant and the easiest to skip.' Later in their conversation, he reportedly asked her, 'You're in school right?'

Ashley Russell has joined four individuals who have filed charges against the soon-to-be father of three. The first lady, Instagram model Sumner Stroh, claimed she took advantage of after supposedly having an alleged misunderstanding with Adam Levine while she was married to Behati Prinsloo. Similarly, Adam Levine denied Sumner Stroh's claims, saying that he and her partner had a 'physical' relationship at some point in her life.

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