Thai Cave Rescue Season 1, episode 5 recap The Parable of Kisa Gotami

Thai Cave Rescue Season 1, episode 5 recap The Parable of Kisa Gotami ...

This recap of the Netflix series Thai Cave Rescue Season 1, episode 5, titled "The Parable of Kisa Gotami," contains spoilers.

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One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the season of Thai Cave Rescue was when Saman tragically died. Nonetheless, we might start to notice an improvement in the rescue team's mission to rescue the trapped boys.

Thailand Rescue Cave season 1, episode 5 recap

Saman's body is removed from the cave on 7th July 2018, causing everyone to wonder how on earth they can get the football team and their coach out of the cave in a safe manner. In the cave, as the oxygen levels drop even further, it means they are now in the danger zone. She planned to establish a mobile weather station but she was only permitted when she warned her boss that failure to help might result in career suicide.

Eak yells at them when she starts to pull stupid and dangerous jokes. On land, the experts begin to think about the safest option. However, none of them can agree on the most suitable remedy.

The conclusion

The governor tells the parents, "to sign away their son's lives." They learn that a fresh storm is upon us, and this time it will be stronger than ever. It is also probable that the storm will flood the cave and kill those who are trapped in it. So, the rescue mission begins now.

The final segment of the episode is my highlight and has me semi-excited for the season finale. Even though I understand the true story and the eventual outcome, it should still be an emotional experience.

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